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Director's Note - May 2024


May 09, 2024 (UTC)


Greetings, Adventurers! 


This is Jong Min Park, the Live Director of DFO.


I hope everybody enjoyed the 9th Anniversary celebration! We've been gearing up for the upcoming major update, and I'm here today to give you a preview of what's in store for next week. The update is a culmination of fresh content and fast tracked QoL changes - many of which have been implemented in other servers as recently as February - that will significantly enhance your DFO experience.


We've designed these enhancements to empower your journey, encompassing streamlined features, exhilarating dungeons, and a more user-friendly interface. This comprehensive revamp aims to provide a more intuitive and enjoyable gameplay experience for all adventurers.


As we get ready to dive into the many changes, let's take a look at some of the more notable changes coming next week!




Major Content & System Changes

First I would like to introduce the updated Equipment Option Growth System. The new system replaces the cumbersome process of having to feed equipment directly for option level growth and of having to calculate efficiency. The growth system now uses new materials called Boundary Fragments, that can be obtained by disassembling equipment, as well as clearing dungeons. With this improved system, adventurers will be able to grow their equipment Option Levels more efficiently.

Dungeon clear rewards will be changed accordingly.


With the changes in Option Level Growth system, there will also be changes to Daily Mission rewards. The original Growth Tickets will be given as more relevant material like Abyss Battery or Pale Mist, and Growth Epic Equipment Box rewards will be given as Boundary Fragments.


Adventurers will also be able to access the new Option Growth feature more readily by setting a Hotkey! 



The Equipment Trait System will also be renewed. The new Trait System strengthens the individuality of each Category, reducing the dependence on equipment settings. This allows adventurers to experiment and customize their character traits with more freedom, allowing for a deeper exploration of unique playstyles.


A temporary decrease in Character Fame might occur due to trait resets next week; however, rest assured that all associated costs and materials that were used in the previous system will be refunded to your mailbox.

There will be no cost or penalties to change your Trait Points.



The Explorer Club Circle is  a new system that is designed to alleviate some of the growth difficulty for adventurers who have mutliple characters. Adventurers who have characters that meet the Explorer Club Circle requirements will be able to receive additional rewards in various dungeons. 

Extra rewards are given starting from Dusky Island content.



New Dungeon Content

Fresh challenges await you next week, and I invite you to conquer the Verge and Exceed your limits!

The upcoming major update includes the new dungeon Verge of Recollection, accessible solo or in a party (> 44,872 Fame). Rewards include useful items to boost your character further such as Boundary Fragment, Epic Equipment, Dim Floating Stone, Warped Dimension Cube and more, so make sure to do your weekly runs!


In Verge of Recollection, you can strategically utlize the unique Memory Fragments system to overcome obstacles with the help of Yomumu, Luton, and Birdie. 

The color of the Memory Fragment indicates how much the Gauge will be filled.


Before you enter the dungeon, you can also opt to increase your Synchronization through the Mist Locking Facility. This feature allows you to increase the rewards received for clearing the Verge of Recollection, in exchange for Pale Mist. Rewards for Stage 4 vary each week, so make sure to check the Facility beforehand!



For the more seasoned adventurers, the Exceed content will present a new challenge. Geared towards higher fame characters (> 54,726 Fame), Exceed pits you against progressively more challenging variants of the White Cloud Valley and Solidaris dungeons. 

The Exceed dungeons will alternate between the two on the first day of every month. However, White Cloud Valley will be exclusively featured for the initial two months. 


Exceed consists of 8 stages, starting with the Challenge Stage which is the default stage. After clearing the dungeons, polish your gemstones to obtain loot items, and choose the rewards that you need most! Exceed resets on the first of every month, and the next monthly reset will be on June 1st, so please make sure to settle your rewards in advance.



Equipment Changes

A significant amount of changes have been made to Equipment, ranging from Notation Improvements to changes in Custom Options. Understanding the intricacies of combat damage is important, and the May update includes improved damage notations to facilitate understanding of damage effects. 



We know that Customs and Custom Options are complex and can be confusing. Many of these options will be simplified, along with conditional penalties removed. For reference, below are a few examples of the options that will be changed. The complete chart of all option adjustments will be provided in the Content update notice next week.



Furthermore, the user interface for equipment receives an overhaul. Highlighting for preferred options will be improved in the Custom Option book, and equipment tooltip visibility will also be improved. For options that are only activated when the equipment is equipped, their tooltips are now dimmed when they're not in effect. Buffer options will now be displayed at the top when the Buffer characters view their tooltips.



If you've wanted to experiment with diverse gear, the new Convert All Equipment system will be useful. Convert any equipped Lv. 105 or 110 Epic equipment into a Lv. 105 Epic set, allowing you to test a wider range of builds and discover the perfect playstyle for your character.



Finally, the era of Armor Mastery draws to a close. Starting next week, Adventurers will no longer need to re-texturize their equipment based on their character as texture-specific Armor Mastery will be removed. All related systems and quests will also be retired. 



QoL and Convenience Improvements

The May update extends beyond new features and dungeon content. It also focuses on enhancing your overall gameplay experience with quality of life and content improvements. 


A brand new Click Menu on equipment provides easy access to features like Option Growth, Option Transfer, Mist Infusion/Extract, Convert Mist Gear Equipment, and Source functions, all conveniently located in one place. Left click on an equipment to easily access applicable menus! 



Distinguishing active buffs becomes effortless with the introduction of enhanced buff notifications. Additionally, clearer buff & effect icons visually differentiate system, consumable, character, and equipment buffs. Adventurers will now be able to distinguish more easily whether buffs have been applied!



Icons have been improved to allow for clearer distinction of the System, Consumable, Character, and Equipment buffs and effects that are applied as follows.



Managing consumables in the heat of battle can be a hassle. With the ability to group Consumables in quick slots, you can streamline your inventory management. Now you will no longer need to check each item to use first!



Finding relevant content is now easier than ever. The Portal feature will now include a recommended Dungeons section for Lv. 110 characters that guides you towards appropriate challenges. The Advanced dungeon that is recommended by default is Solidaris, however it will reflect either Solidaris or White Cloud Valley depending on your character's last entry.

Additionally, teleport features to Seria's room have been added to the World Map and Event HUD to ensure seamless navigation wherever you are- no more having to go to the character select screen!



Need informed insights for purchases from Gabriel? Simply hover over an item to view its average Auction Hall price, empowering more strategic purchase decisions. 




Character Renewal and Balance

The May update doesn't stop at streamlining systems and introducing new challenges. We're committed to ongoing character development. Fans of the Battle Mage and Mistress will be happy to hear that these beloved characters receive not only character renewals but also long-awaited sprite renewals, breathing new life into their visual presentation.



Sword Master, Male Brawler, and Inquisitor are also part of the Character Renewal- here are some examples of reworked and new skills.



A total of 12 characters are included in the Character Balance updates next week- take a look to see if your character is included!



Additional Changes and Upcoming Plans

These are just a few of the exciting changes awaiting you in the May update. We're confident that these strategic optimizations and content additions will help you enjoy DFO more easily, but I also wanted to address some additional changes that have been made based on community feedback. 


We've heard your concerns regarding the lack of untradable avatars for utilizing emblems. The May update introduces the Avatar Conversion System, allowing you to convert your tradable Rare Avatars into untradable Rare Clone Avatars of the same piece.


The Coin Shop also receives some improvements. A Refund tab allows for easier corrections of unintended purchases. Additionally, five new items join the coin exchange lineup: the Guardians of Harmony Special Background Ticket Selection Box and a Growth Support Box containing Power Essence and Golden Beryl, Warped Dimension Cube Box, Mist Core Box, and Refined Mist Box.


The upcoming update will mark the last key milestone in our previously announced roadmap, and I know our adventurers are keen to know what lies ahead. Today, I'm thrilled to unveil our development plans extending through September.


July will usher in Asrahan: Curtains of Mu dungeon content, and in September the addition of the two new Archer Advancements will take place. Additionally, the highly anticipated SNK Collaboration is confirmed for Dungeon Fighter Online this year! While we can't disclose the exact arrival date at this time, please stay tuned for exciting details in the coming months.


But, what about in June? During my last ExStream appearance, a few lucky viewers were randomly chosen to receive special offline prizes. As I promised, all adventurers will have a chance to win offline goods! An official giveaway event will make another appearance next month, brimming with new fantastic rewards. Here's a preview of some of the prizes we will be giving away.


Before I truly wrap up this note... We know that the Fashion Fighters of DFO are eager for older avatars, and so we've prepared a poll to see which sets are adventurers want most. The poll will be open until the end of the month, please let us know your thoughts, as we'll definitely be taking into consideration the results.



As always, I would like to thank our passionate adventurers and helpful community for the love you show for Dungeon Fighter Online. Your love fuels our dedication to fostering a vibrant community and ever-evolving gameplay experience for our adventurers!


Thank you for taking the time to explore together the exciting features of the May update- See you in Arad!




DFO Live Director Jong

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