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Share Your Expertise! Winner Announcement


Feb 20, 2018 (UTC)


Greetings, adventurers!
Here are the winners of the 'Share Your Expertise!' event which started in December and ended in January.


▣ Regarding the Prize Structure/Event

The most difficult part about running a contest like this is picking out the winners. We've had many contests like this in the past but this contest was by far the most difficult when it comes to deciding the winners. T-T


We received way more submissions than we had originally expected and we were surprised by the detail in which each guide was written. As we were deeply touched by the amount of hard work put into each and every one of these guides, we decided to change our prize structure to reward as many players as possible.

However, please note that we can still only give out 10 figures as originally announced as we have a limited amount of supply. We sincerely ask for your understanding and we will prepare better for future contests.


Congratulations to all adventurers who will be receiving a prize for their submissions and thanks again to everyone who participated. :) Please do not be disappointed if you did not receive a prize for this event as there will be more events like this in the future. 


Please check below for the changed prize structure and the list of winners.


▣ Prize Changes

* Old Prize Structure

Category # of Winners Reward
Winner 10
  • Posted on the DFO's official website
  • Best Adventuring Instructor's Box
  • DFO Figure (1 Random figure)
  • Golden Reinforcer Statue


* New Prize Structure

Category # of Winners Reward
Grand Prize 10
  • Posted on the DFO's official website
  • Best Adventuring Instructor's Box
  • DFO Figure (1 Random figure)
  • Golden Reinforcer Statue
  • FEB 27 Avatar Package Box
Second Prize
  • Posted on the DFO's official website
  • Best Adventuring Instructor's Box
  • FEB 27 Avatar Package Box
Third Prize
  • Posted on the DFO's official website
  • Best Adventuring Instructor's Box


* Reward Details

ⓐ Best Adventuring Instructor's Box
A reward given to those who have shared excellent knowledge in Share Your Expertise! event. Contains Adventuring Instructor's Epic Aura and Adventuring Instructor's Damage Font.

Adventuring Instructor's Epic Aura
- Given as Account-bound. Untradable on equip
- No Options
- Cannot be disassembled

Adventuring Instructor's Damage Font
- Given as Account-bound.
- Binds to character on equip

- Unlimited












ⓑ DFO Figure, Golden Reinforcer Statue
Please refer to the link below.


ⓒ Avatar Package Box
- To show DFO staff's appreciation, we've added the package being released on FEB 27 to the reward list.
- For the package, avatar type and class can be selected and it is untradable.
- For details about the contents of the package, please check our notices on FEB 27. smiley



▣ Winning Entries

[Grand Prize]

IGN / Server Title Link of Guide
Gant / Cain The Bosses of Anton Link
[~Isanaki~] / Cain Isa's Comprehensive Guide
to the Elementalist and DFO
Vilfiera / Cain A Guide to Equipment & Stats Link
Nolia / Cain 1. Battle Mage Guide -- PVE Advanced!
2. Nolia's Luke Tutorial
GrabMeACoke / Cain How to Anton Raid & Luke Raid as Female Grappler Link
SeoKim / Cain Official what to do at Level 90 Guide Link
Fuwapoi / Cain Alts, Dress-up and Farming - "I Can Do Everything That Isn't Raiding" Link
Muzia / Cain Luke Raid Guide Complete Edition Link
LadyAegis / Cain Dungeon Fighter GF - Complete Gear Fundamentals Guide Link
Vasaraga / Cain Saint's Archive Link


[Second Prize]

IGN / Server Title Link of Guide
SamuraiLee / Cain Anton Normal Video Tutorials Link
Elysiume / Cain Otherverse Dungeons (OV) Guide Link
Coccyx / Cain Luke Raiding Guide by Coccyx Link
LunaticRed / Cain Basic Asura Anton Holding Guide Link
OkazakiL / Cain Post-Level 90 Witch Guide Link
Junk / Cain Anton & Luke with Black Widow Link
Overkill / Cain A Comprehensive Guide on how to Host Anton Raid Link
CirclePlacer / Cain Soul Bender's Guide to Luke Raid Link
DowChaos / Cain Dungeon Fighter Online Comprehensive Guide:
Chaos / Demon God
Cronnicossy / Cain Host & Participants Guide to Anton Raid Link


[Third Prize]

Since there are a lot of third prize winners, we will be just listing the IGNs. (IGNs without a specified server are from the Cain server.)

Tate, IPauline, Rybonius, JediMother, JKRowlling, ZOx0, MasterKhoa, Frozenstep, Tiggerette, Suveil, Milayou,
MegamiShiro, Huann, CryoCore, BearClawz, Nihiru, Lorelei, DemonMango, ImQuiteDandy, DirtyDeedsDC,
Tokugawa, Pennilane, Synchroneity, Kailia, Orphane, DruKing, LeeYewYan, Doubletears, xDIOx, MouseMage,
Undaunter, Esperado, Indignate, ShinKaizen, Akom, Leima(Sirocco), Yuzuri, TheCain, LansTartaros, Sothis, Zips,
Lingerer, Aeschine, Lumiate, Haerhee, Losthalia, Justicore


▣ Prize Winners Please Note:
  • Winning guides will be published on the official website on MAR 27. However, your guide may not be posted if it contains too much information about contents before the origin update.
    If possible, please do not remove your guide after the event ends. It could be helpful to many adventurers in the future. :)
  • In-game rewards will be given on FEB 27 maintenance. If you are on the winners list but did not receive a reward, please send a ticket to our support team.
  • The 10 Grand Prize winners must send their legal name, postal address, phone number and IGN used to apply to the event to by MAR 9.
  • If you do not send us your information by then, you will be excluded from the reward distribution list.
  • Offline merchandise can take up to 3 months to arrive.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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