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[10/11 Update] Neo Premium Contract Plus


Apr 21, 2020 (UTC)

Neo Premium Contract Plus makes dramatic return with dramatic price drop!
Get all the premium benefits for more affordable price than ever!


Neo Premium Contract Plus
3 Days
200 CERA
7 Days
380 CERA
15 Days
710 CERA
30 Days
990 CERA
All of these premium benefits are included in one single contract!

Benefit 1. Extra Fatigue Points up to 273
Benefit 2. Dungeon clearance EXP + 10%
Benefit 3. Dungeon clear reward card +1
Benefit 4. NO HP reduction from retiring in dungeons
Benefit 5. Exclusive Growing Phoenix Weapon available for rental
Benefit 6. Speical daily bonus items
Benefit 7. Neo Premium Tokens obtainable in dungeons



Neo Premium Contract Plus Benefits Details

[Benefit 1] Fatigue Point increases from 156 to 273. Play more dungeons!

[Benefit 2] 10% additional EXP for cleaning dungeon. Faster levelling with EXP bonus!

[Benefit 3] One extra clear reward card. Become wealthy with bonus rewards!

[Benefit 4] Your Stamina will be maintained even if you retire. Get your revenge right away!

[Benefit 5] Rent an exclusive Growing Phoenix Weapon and smash your enemy!

[Benefit 6] Get various daily bonus items! Ryan Cores and Harmonious Crystals available!


[Benefit 7] Get more bonus items with Neo Premium Tokens!
Neo Premium Tokens can be obtained in Optimal Level dungeons.


The following items can be obtained according to their respective rates in the Neo Premium Vending Machine.


1 Canna's Homemade Bread x 2
2 Canna's Big Hendon Myre Milk x 2
3 Canna's Homemade Bread x 4
4 Canna's Big Hendon Myre Milk x 4
5 Lost Elixir
6 Cube Contract: 1 Day
7 x3 Growth Potion x 1
8 Toy of Sparkling World x 2
9 Transcendent Stone x 1
10 Life Token x 1
11 Golden Candle x 1
12 Golden Beryl Box (10) x 1
13 Golden Beryl Box (20) x 1
14 Conversion Spell x 1
15 Otherverse Energy Extinguisher x 1
16 Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll x 1
17 DANJI Pot Box (1) x 1


# Please Note: 

  • Conversion Spell, Otherverse Energy Extinguisher, and Otherverse Energy Purification Scroll items are deleted weekly at 09:00 UTC on Tuesdays, and only up to 1 of each item can be in your Inventory.




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