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Jumping! Express Package


Dec 03, 2019 (UTC)

Essential items bonanza!
Give a huge rift-up to your character with Jumping! Express Package!

Jumping! Express Package is at Limited Edition tab in Item Shop!


Jumping! Express Package

1,490 CERA

(Account-bound / Limited 3 per account)

Jumping! Express Bead Box
Contains a +25 Individual elemental Bead of your choice:
Jumping! Express Bead: Fire (Necklace / Bracelet / Ring)
Fire Damage +25
Jumping! Express Bead: Water (Necklace / Bracelet / Ring)
Water Damage +25
Jumping! Express Bead: Light (Necklace / Bracelet / Ring)
Light Damage +25
Jumping! Express Bead: Shadow (Necklace / Bracelet / Ring)
Shadow Damage +25
Jumping! Express Contract Box
Contains Neo Premium Contract(Plus): 7days, VIP Premium Contract: 7 days, and Master Contract Package: 7 days.
Jumping! Express Contract Box (1500 EA)
Contains 1500 Abyss Fragments.


# Please Note:

  • All contract-type items will be used immediately upon usage.
  • Unused items will be deleted at 10:00, JAN 21, 2020(UTC)

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