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The Spectre Package


Jan 01, 2022 (UTC)


A must have for all Spectre mains!



Exclusive Awakened Ones avatar and Petit Friends creature for Spectre awaits you!


Trade Count (1) Package
1990 CERA
Look Avatar (8 Parts) + Clone Avatar Box + Skin Avatar Box + Petit Vendetta Creature Box + Bonus Box


Look Avatar (8 Parts)

# Please Note:
- Avatar box and contained Look Avatars are tradable.
- Contained Look Avatars can be sundered/combined/dyed.
- Contained Look Avatars are an exclusive item for Female Slayers.
- Contained Clone Avatars and Skin Avatars are untradable.
- Clone Avatars can be sundered and combined, but cannot be dyed.
- Skin Avatars can be sundered, but cannot be combined/dyed.
- Unused Avatar box will be deleted at 10:00, FEB 22, 2022(UTC)


Petit Vendetta

STR +20 / INT +20 / VIT +20 / SPR +20
MP Max +5% / Physical, Magical Critical Chance +3% / Critical Damage +7%

Trace +1 / Daybreak +1

Skill: Removes all harmful status effects (cooldown: 60s)


# Please Note:
- Creature box is tradable, but contained creature is untradable.
- Unused Creature box will be deleted at 10:00, FEB 22, 2022(UTC)


Bonus Box (Tradable)

Contains 300 Creature Foods, 1 Creature Rename Card, and 5 Mythic-only Option Kaleido Boxes.


# Please Note:
- Contained Creature Foods and Rename Card are untradable.
- Unused Bonus box will be deleted at 10:00, FEB 22, 2022(UTC)


Mythic-Only Option Kaleido Box (Account-bound)

Enables you to select and change 1 Mythic-only option on Mythic equipment.
The other unselected Mythic options are retained.


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