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Black Friday - Part 1


Nov 08, 2022 (UTC)

Black Friday is back again!

Check out the newly added Black Friday Special Sales items.



Black Friday Special Sales

1,490 CERA

Rare Clone Avatar Box

(Account-Bound after 1 exchange)

580 CERA

Gold Emblem+ Full Set Selection Box

(Account-Bound after 1 exchange)

780 CERA

Platinum Emblem Selection Box


Generates a full set of Rare Clone Avatars.

Rare Clone Avatar set is given as untradable.

Contains a Gold Red Emblem+ Box, Gold Yellow Emblem+ Box, Gold Green Emblem+ Box, and Gold Blue Emblem+ Box.

Emblem+ Boxes are given as account-bound and The obtained Emblems cannot be traded.

Contains a DPS Platinum Emblem Selection Box or Buff Enhancement Platinum Emblem Selection Box of your choice.

*Contained items are Account-bound

1 / Account 1 / Account 1 / Account




DANJI Pot Experience Promotion

3,950 CERA

DANJI Pot Black Friday Bundle


Contains DANJI Pot 150 EA.
1 / Account



Item Sales

2,990 CERA

Pandora's Amplification Box


1,790 CERA

Golden Amplification Grimoire


1,290 CERA

One-Shot Vault Upgrade


Contains +10 Amplification Ticket and Amplification Protection Ticket.

*Contained items are Account-bound

Adds a Dimensional ability of your choice and amplifies items to +8 -12, depending on the Amplification rate. Overwrites the target item's current Amplification level.

Can't be used on Otherversal Energy equipment. The same Dimensional ability can't be added more than once.

Can only be used on Level 55 Rare or better equipment.

Upgrades your character's Safe 1 to the maximum level regardless of current Safe stage.

*Can only be used in Town.

1 / Account 1 / Account 1 / Account



# Please Note:

  • All items will be deleted at 10:00, JAN 3, 2023 UTC.

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