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Hello, SnowMage!


Jan 03, 2023 (UTC)


Hello, Snowmage!

Meet the mages in cute snowman costumes!
Shall we take a walk in snowy Arad together?



# Snowmage Creature Selection Box

  • The Snowmage Creature Selection Box can be purchased for a limited time of 5 weeks.
  • Select and obtain one of the creatures below upon purchase.
  • All Creatures have no options/stats and offer Adventurer Fame +315 when equipped.
  • This item will be deleted at 10:00, FEB 21, 2023 UTC.
  • Account Purchase Limit : 1
Icon Item Description Price Trade Type
Snowmage Creature Selection Box
  • Contains 1 of 14 types of Snowmage Creatures of your choice.
  • The obtained Creature is untradable and permanent.
298 CERA Account-Bound


# Snowmage Creature Preview

Blanket-Lover Mage

Vroom Vroom Mage

Super Magical Mage

Egg Mage

Stylish Mage

Happy Mage

Cross Mage

Depressed Mage

Sleepy Mage

Alert Mage

Teary Mage

Shy Mage

Dizzy Mage

Exemplary Mage




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