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[DANJI] Siv's Sub Equipment Bead


May 16, 2023 (UTC)



♣ Danjin's Pick of the Month - May ♣

[DANJI] Siv's Sub Equipment Bead
(Tradable Once after Purchase)

Contains 1 Siv's Sub Equipment Bead.


Sub Equipment:

All Elemental Damage +12
Physical Critical Chance +3%
Magical Critical Chance +3%
Damage Value +3%

Adventurer Fame 221


Deleted at 09:00, JUN 27, 2023 UTC.


* Please note:
- Obtained item can be traded 1 time and will become account-bound after being traded.



# Please Note:

  • From FEB 21, Danjin's Pick of the Month consists of only one item.
  • From FEB 21, Gold Danji Coin has been added to DANJI. Gold Danji Coins can be used to buy other items.
  • For details regarding items that appear in DANJI, please refer to this notice.
  • Danjin's Pick of the Month can be obtained before the maintenance on JUN 13 by opening DANJI.
  • Danjin's Pick of the Month will be deleted at 09:00, JUN 27, 2023 UTC.



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