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Black Friday - Part. 2


Nov 21, 2023 (UTC)

The second part of for Black Friday 2023 is here!

Come check out the newly added Black Friday Sales Items!



50% Discount
Icon Item Description Price
Kaleido Box (50) Contains 50 Kaleido Boxes.
Items are given as untradable.
1700 CERA
→ 850 CERA
Protection Ticket

This item is automatically consumed to protect
an equipment from being destroyed when attempting
to amplify to +11 or higher via Klonter's amplification
menu or Single-use Equipment Amplifier.

This item can only be used if it is
in your inventory at the time of amplification.

Items that are protected by this item
will have their amplification level reset to +0.

1290 CERA
→ 645 CERA
VIP Premium
Contract: 14 Days
Sign a VIP Premium Contract.
Once you sign a contract, the following benefits are applied to all your characters during the period. 

1. Free Raid entry (Fiend War / Prey-Isys / Sirocco / Ozma Raid)
2. Extra rewards for Normal, Advanced, Legion Dungeons / Raid content
3. Town Movement Speed +40% in Raid Channels
4. Enhanced Arad Adventure characters
5. Entry material discount for dungeons
(Demon Invitation/Time's Guide Stones/Golden Beryls)
770 CERA
→ 385 CERA
Neo Premium
Contract Plus: 30 Days

Sign a Neo Premium Contract Plus.

Once you sign a contract, the following benefits are applied to all your characters during the period.

1. Extra Fatigue Points up to 273
2. Dungeon clearance EXP +10%
3. Dungeon clear reward card +1
4. NO HP reduction from retiring in dungeons
5. Exclusive Growing Phoenix Weapon available for rental
6. Special daily bonus items
7. Neo Premium Tokens obtainable in dungeons

CAUTION: If you own both Basic and Plus
at the same time, only Plus will be applied first.
Basic benefits will be applied after all Plus benefits expire.    

990 CERA
→ 495 CERA
Contract: 15 Days

Activates a buff for 30 sec. in dungeons, depending
on the Cube selected in the Contract Info window, for 15 days.
(In the Arena, only colored Cube Fragment effects are applied.)
Color Cube Fragments: Add their elemental attribute to your weapon.

Clear Cube Fragment: Physical/Magical/Independent
Weapon Atk. +40 Gold Cube Fragment: Critical Chance +5.5%

Automatically consumes 1 Cube Fragment every 30 sec.

160 CERA
→ 80 CERA
Contract: 15 Days

Lasts for 15 days.

Increases EXP from completed quests and
dungeon monsters,and Quest item drop rate by 20%.

Attacking in dungeons creates a 4% chance
of the 20 Bonus Damage effect.

Adds a bonus to Normal dungeon Unique (Boss drop)
rate (increases in proportion to the number
of party members on the same Contract).

Certain effects differ, depending on your character's Growth mode.

(Scenario Mode: Dungeon Clear EXP +20%.
Fast Leveling Mode: Fatigue cost -1 per room.)

630 CERA
→ 315 CERA
Contract: 15 Days

Sign a Conqueror's Contract.

Once you sign a contract, you can equip gears
that are up to 10 levels higher than your current level.

Does not apply in Arena.

420 CERA
→ 210 CERA
Contract: 15 Days

Sign a Tactician's Contract.

Once you sign a contract, you can learn skills
that are up to 5 levels higher than your current level.

When contract expires, the skills that you learned while
you were under contract will be reset
and SP that you spent on those skills will be returned.

Does not apply in Arena.

525 CERA
→ 262 CERA
Contract: 15 Days

Sign a Gabriel's Contract.

Once you sign a contract, the chance to encounter
Gabriel and the number of items he sells are increased.
(Excluding Epic Fragment Gabriel)

710 CERA
→ 355 CERA



90% Discount
Icon Item Description Price
Life Token Box (100) Contains 100 Life Tokens. 900 CERA
→ 90 CERA
Remy's Sparkling Touch Box (500) Contains 500 Remy's Sparkling Touch. 790 CERA
→ 79 CERA
Mana-Aid Box (200) Contains 200 Mana-Aid. 250 CERA
→ 25 CERA
Creature Food Box (1000) Contains 1000 Creature Food. 670 CERA
→ 67 CERA




Icon Item Description Price
Black DANJI Box

Contains 1 random DANJI content item.

(DANJI content items are deleted at 09:00, FEB 20, 2024.)

DANJIN's Pick of the Month items that were sold starting from the
FEB 21 maintenance until before the NOV 21 maintenance
also have a chance to appear.
(DANJI's Card Album Collection will not appear.)

(All items are account-bound and are deleted at 09:00, DEC 19 UTC.)

1,000,000 GOLD




# Please Note:

  • All items will be deleted at 09:00, DEC 19, 2023 UTC.
  • All items can only be purchased once per account.
  • All items and their contents are given as account-bound.

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