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Canna's Limited Sales Shop Season 8!


Mar 19, 2024 (UTC)



Season 8 of Canna's Shop is here!


[Weekly] Kaleido Box (3)

[Monthly] Clone Avatar Box
[Monthly] Selective Gold Emblem Box

[Weekly] Item Option Complete Growth Ticket
[[Weekly] Random Gold Emblem Box
[Limited/Weekly] Warped Dimension Cube (Until APR 30)
[Limited/Weekly] Equipment Growth Ticket (Until APR 30)


Visit Cera Shop every Tuesday or every 1st day of the month to get the most essential items with gold.

Weekly Sales

Icon Name Detail Price Purchase Limit
[Weekly] Neo Premium Contract(Plus): 3 Days

Sign a Neo Premium Contract(Plus).
Once you sign a contract, following benefits
are applied to all your characters during the period.

1. Extra Fatigue Points up to 273
2. Dungeon clearance EXP +10%
3. Dungeon clear reward card +1
4. NO HP reduction from retiring in dungeons
5. Exclusive Growing Phoenix Weapon available for rental
6. Special daily bonus items
7. Neo Premium Tokens obtainable in dungeons

CAUTION: If you own both Basic and Plus at the same time, only Plus will be applied first. Basic benefits will be applied after all Plus benefits expire.

Contract will be applied immediately upon purchase.

per account / week
[Weekly] Kaleido Box (3)

Contains 3 Kaleido Boxes.
Kaleido Boxes are untradable, permanent items.

*Item will expire 7 days after obtainment.

per account / week






Monthly Sales

Icon Name Detail Price Purchase Limit
Skin Avatar Box

Contains 1 untradable Skin Avatar of your choice.
Contained Skin Avatar has 2 multicolored emblem socket.

*Item will expire 30 days after obtainment.

500,000 Gold 1
per account / month
Gabriel's Contract: 15 Days*

Chance to encounter Gabriel and the number of items he sells increases while this contract is active. (Excluding Epic Fragment Gabriel)

Chance to encounter Gabriel increases based
on the number of party members with contract activated.

Contract will be applied immediately upon purchase.

per account / month

* These items will be applied immediately to your account upon purchase.


The purchase period for the items below have ended on APR 30
 and they are not available for purchase in the CERA Shop.

Limited/Weekly Sales (Until APR 30)

Icon Name Detail Price Purchase Limit
[Limited] [Weekly]
Warped Dimension Cube

The dimensional power contained within this cube can be
used to change Epic Equipment options.

If you have Untradable, Account-bound, and Event items in your inventory, the Mist Gear Equipment Conversion system will use them
in the order of Event → Untradable → Account-bound, and they can be used together.

Can also be used to change Custom Epic Equipment options.
- Changes all the 4 options at once.
- Option levels not affected.
- Can't be used on equipment with transferred options.

Target Equipment
- Ent Spirit
- Blue Beryl
- Forest Witch
- Deep Diver
- Blue Pirate

200,000 Gold 5
per account / week
[Limited] [Weekly]
Equipment Growth Ticket

Grows Option Levels of Fixed Option Epics and Custom Option Epics without consuming any materials.

Cannot be used with Resonating Energy Equipment as equipment material.
[Main Use] - Option Level growth

50,000 Gold 3
per account / week


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This will allow you to keep track of important things

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