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Lucky Bag 2018


Jan 09, 2018 (UTC)


Feeling lucky? Got a small amount of CERA to spare?
Why not try your luck in Lucky Bag 2018!


This year, we've upped our deal with many different bags to choose from!
Check out the details below.
Good luck, adventurers!



* Five different lucky bags are available for sales during the sale period.
* Each bag can only be purchased once per account.
* Please note that you will randomly receive ONE of the items contained in the bag.
* Each bag's price and contents are listed below.

Canna's Fortune Cookie:
199 CERA
Remy's Touch (500)
Remy's Sparkling Touch (500)
Toy of Sparkling World (500)
Creature Food (500)
Life Token (50)

Danjin's Mysterious Pot:
199 CERA
Neo Premium Contract (30 Days)
Cube Contract (30 Days)
Growth Contract (30 Days)
Tactician's Contract (30 Days)
Conqueror's Contract (30 Days)

Jerry's New Year's Gift:
299 CERA
Skeleton Key (10)
Golden Candle (10)
Transcendent Stone (10)
Kaleido Box (10)

Gerri's Lucky Bag:
299 CERA

Hell Party Ticket Generator
*Generates Hell Party Ticket (1)
every day for 2 weeks, when used. 


Kiri's Random Booster:
499 CERA
Single-use Reinforcer (10)
Single-use Amplifier (10)
Reinforcement Protection Ticket (1)
Amplifying Protection Ticket (1)






























#Please Note:

  • Lucky Bag 2018 will be sold from JAN 9 to JAN 23rd.
  • Each of the Lucky Bag 2018 can be purchased once per account. Please note that each bag has a different price.
  • All Lucky Bags are account-bound but some of its contents may be untradable.


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