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Item of the Month

Avatar of April
Tired of all the same outfits? Let’s get dressed up only for 9900 gold! You can choose from two distinctive colours! Of course, you can have both!
Wanna have these avatars permanently?
Here’s the way to keep your timed avatars forever.
1. Earn Mileage, 2. Go to Mileage Shop, 3. Purchase Avatar Period Extension Kit
How to earn Mileage.
1. You can earn 1 Mileage upon clearing appropriate level dungeon Lv.20 or above. 2. With item purchase at Cera Shop(to be open shortly), Mileage is accumulated depending on price.
- Max. amount of Mileage earned up to 30 per day(Based on Fatigue points) - No limit for Mileages earned from Cera Shop purchase - No refund for purchase with Mileage