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Act01. New Journey : Knight “I am from the other dimension to find the Lord.” Carloso, the creator of all universes, sealed himself to confine his divided wills in various places. With losing him, the world met the era of raging chaos and scorching evils. And there was Nemyr the enlightened, who pitied all tears being shed from pain and agony. So she shaped a figure out of herself, giving a life to it and said -- “You are my reflections, and you shall follow my will.“ You are the one, thus the whole. Share the wisdoms that I spared. Now go, unite all powers for one. Find the Great Lord. Let the world shine once again.” Those who were named “Knight” in a shape of light, scattered to many ends of universe. Some reached the sacred land filled with full of light. Some reached the battle ground filled with hatred and malice… Forms were diverse, but had a common origin. It led them to the way of finding Carloso. If there is any tiny sign, the Knights will jump into the mission right away without any hesitation.

Introducing Knight, A Shard of the Great Will.
1. Knight can equip Short Swords and Zanbatos. 2. Basic defense gear for Knight is Leather Armor. 3. Special equipment available for Knight: Shield with exclusive UI. - Knight and subclasses can obtain Shields from completing quests. - Shield are stored in Shield Safe. Once obtained, Shields can be equipped or unequipped via Shield Safe window. (Hot key : /) - In dungeons, equipped shield can be switched to shield that are registered on quick slot via using “Change Shield” skill.
Additional Features
1. New NPC.    - Annis Bainstai is being placed in Underfoot’s Master Guild. ( Annis Bainstai is an expert Knight. / Shows up in Silver Crown area occasionally to aid new adventurers ) 2. Exclusive tutorial for Knight is now available. 3. Can pre-experience subclasses through the quest.
A girl who brought the light to Arad
“Our forest is not the only thing we love.” “-- The great nature of Arad also deserves our protection. We can’t just ignore the lives out there that fled from the blaze by an inch. We must advance to the outside of Grand Flores.” “-- We must protect peace, not to avoid conflict with other races. It is to protect Arad. Who can deny that Arad nourished us with blessed lives? Who can deny it is our Elves' mission to protect the mother Arad? Locking ourselves in solitude means that we are the same ignorant as those, …betrayers who turned their backs from Arad.” This beautiful story’s heroine doesn’t have a name being told. I presume that it is intentionally concealed with her will. But how can anyone dare to call her “the unnamed heroine of story”, since she is the most exceptional among the Elven knights? The most beloved by the great nature is just shut and left in the script as ‘a little Elven girl’? Thus, I shall call her the “Peacemaker”. Her fame shall be the name. A wanderer will welcome the call that will be told to our children. One will not be bored with the name we adore. - from A girl who brought the light to Arad by Lucian Fanateu
A Half-Demon Terran
Children born between Demon and Pandemonian are uncontrollably violent. The reason those cruel kids are being called “Chaos” is resulted from their nature and nurture. Chaos controls minions freely with their unique powers and charisma. This relation is a total power game; if Chaos gets weaker than minions, then they will kill their master without any hesitation. Chaos, too in the other hand, often kills them to maintain her dominance. Chaos will do anything at any cost for victory, and willingly sacrifice even their allies. Their virtues are similar to those of Demons’, but their strategy reflects the wisdom passed down from Terrans. Power and wisdom. Maybe they truly are the descendants of extinct warmongers. - Report, “Plain: Demon”

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