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You are not prepared!


Sep 03, 2019 (UTC)

It seems that you are not yet fully prepared for the disaster that is coming towards us.
How about some missions to test your skills?

* Period : SEP 03 - SEP 24, 2019(UTC) until maintenance
* Eligibility:  Lv. 95+


How to Play

OK, let me show you how to participate in the event.
During the event, there will be an icon in the shape of a Slenikon at the bottom of your screen.
If you click this, there will be a list of missions you can perform in the Prey Dungeon.
[Click here to learn about how to enter the Prey Dungeon]




The event is divided into two categories: Challenge Mission and Daily Mission.

At the top of the window, a Slenikon will inform you with the current level of your Challenge mission and the rewards for completing it.

And at the bottom, there will be a list of Daily Missions you can complete.








● Challenge Mission ●

The Challenge Mission is divided into 5 Stages.
Can you see a shape of a Slenikon?
It indicates the current stage of your mission and the rewards you can obtain by completing it.

At the top, you can check what Challenge Mission is currently in progress, so always keep an eye on it.
If you successfully finish the mission, there will be a 'checkmark' on the reward icon,
and the reward will be sent to your mailbox.
Missions can be completed sequentially.
That is, you get the right to challenge the next mission once you finish the previous one.
You want to finish all Challenge Missions in a single day?
I'm sorry, but that is not possible.

Keep in mind that you can only finish a single stage every day.
(In case of Challenge Missions)


● Daily Mission ●
There are a total of 5 Daily Missions.
But unfortunately for you, it's impossible to complete all 5 from the start.
To stop you from being overconfident, I've locked the other 4 except for the first one.

You want to know how you could unlock Daily Missions?

Every time you clear a Challenge Mission, a Daily Mission will unlock.
An unlocked Daily Mission becomes available next day.

In other words, the number of Daily Missions you can complete will increase as you finish each Challenge Mission.

Plus, the Daily Missions will reset everyday!
Every time you complete a single mission. I'll send you a box of 'Antimatter Particle' as a gift.




● Challenge Mission ●

Stage Mission Reward
1 Clear 'Slenikon Defense' in less than 4 minutes.

Challenge Mission I Reward
(Contians 5 Antimatter Particles)


Clear a 'Tower' or 'Garden' dungeon in less than 5 minutes.

  • Magic Tower of Tranquility
  • Magic Tower of the Void
  • Floating Garden
  • Magic Garden

Challenge Mission II Reward
(Contians 6 Antimatter Particles)


Clear a 'Sanctum' dungeon in less than 5 minutes.

  • Saanctum of Destruction
  • Stormy Sanctum
  • Starlit Sanctum
  • Sanctum of Corruption

Challenge Mission III Reward
(Contians 7 Antimatter Particles)


Clear a 'The Depths' dungeon in less than 5 minutes.

  • Observatory of the Abyss
  • Battleground of Chaos
  • Grand Garden of Rest

Challenge Mission IV Reward
(Contians 8 Antimatter Particles)

5 Clear 'Sky Nest' in less than 7 minutes.

Challenge Mission V Reward
(Contians 9 Antimatter Particles)

  • Challenge Missions can only be carried out sequentially.
  • You can only complete a single stage every day.
  • Rewards will be instantly sent to your mailbox when you complete each mission.


 ● Daily Mission ●

Mission Reward
Eliminate any boss monster from Prey-Isys dungeon.

Antimatter Particle Box
(Contains 1 Antimatter Particle)

Clear a dungeon without using following consumables.

  • Remy's Touch
  • Remy's Sparkling Touch
  • Toy of Sparkling World
  • Mana-Aid
  • Canna's Homemade Breaad
  • Canna's Big Hendon Myre Milk
  • Canna's Pudding
Clear a dungeon without using any Life Tokens.
Clear a dungeon without being hit more than 30 times.
Defeat Isys-Prey.
  • Daily Missions will be reset everyday at 09:00 UTC.
  • You can only finish unlocked Daily Missions.
  • Click the 'Receive' button after finishing the mission to receive the reward through your mailbox.
  • Once a Daily Mission is unlocked, it won't be locked again.



# Please Note

  • All missions can be completed once per account
  • All missions can only be completed in Prey-Isys Normal Dungeon.
  • All rewards are account-bound.

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