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Prey Isys Normal Dungeon

New Town

  • New Town "Ashen Grave" has been added.
  • Requirements
    - Lv. 95+
    - Complete Epic Quests "Land of Emptiness" and "Reclaim Ashen Grave"
  • New NPC has been added.
    - Arthur the Blue Lightning Follower


New Epic Quest

  • New Epic Quest has been added.
  • Requirements
    - Lv. 95
    - Complete the Epic Quest, "Unfinished Story"
    - After you clear the quest, other characters on your account can choose to complete regular/simplified quest.
    - The reward is the same for regular or simplified quest.
    - A new epic quest dialogue will be applied.



  • Lv. 95+ characters can enter.    
  • It can be entered in a party of up to 4 players.    
  • Each dungeon consumes 10 fatigue points.    
  • No Potion or Life Token restriction.    


How to Enter

  • All scenario quests must be cleared to enter.
  • After clearing scenario quests, you can move to the dungeon area through Arthur in Ashen Grave.
  • After moving to the dungeon area, you can enter Prey-Isys Normal Dungeon through the portal on the right-end.


Dungeon Information

  • 5 random dungeons will appear every day.
  • The final dungeon will always be Sky Nest.
  • Dungeon composition will reset at 09:00 UTC every day.
  • Each dungeon requires 10 fatigue points to enter.


New System

  • Hold Immune System
    - Hold Immune System has been added.
Vulnerable to Hold
Immune to Hold
  • An icon under the HP bar will be displayed to show when monsters are vulnerable to hold.
  • If a monster is held for a certain period of time, it will become immune to hold.
  • Damage will still be applied even if they are immune to hold.



  • Reward can be obtained through daily quests from Arthur.
  • Quest Reward
Item Name Description
Arthur's Gift Contains 5-10 Refined Terraniums or Prey-Isys Unique Card Holder.
Deleted at 09:00 every day.

* Prey-Isys Unique Card Holder
Obtain one of the following cards of your choice: Omega Guardian Card, Moonbow Eike Card, Heat Researcher Zadracon Card, Fighter Kugai Card, Cumulonimbus Card.


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