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Special Gifts


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[Gift 1]  Seria's Welcome Package

Icon Name
Seria's Welcome (14 Days)
Spirit of Seria (30 Days)
Neo Premium Contract(Basic): 14 Days
Reanimated Number 28 x5
Remy's Touch x30
Clear Cube Fragment x100


[Seria's Welcome Details]

Content Description


  • All stats +15
  • HP / MP MAX +250
  • Attack / Casting / Move Speed +2%
  • All Elemental Resistances +8
  • Inventory Weight Limit +10Kg
  • Town Movement Speed +10%
Seria Creature
  • Strength / Intelligence +10
  • Attack / Casting / Move Speed +1%
  • Town Movement Speed +10%
  • MP MAX +5%
  • Skill: Seria's Prayer (Adds 10 Strength / Intelligence for 30 Seconds)
  • Over Skill: Adds 10 Strength / Intelligence for 30 Seconds
  • Attack / Casting Speeds increase by 2%

[Gift 2]  Seria's Equipment Gift Box

Unique Weapon and Armor sets that become stronger as you level up till 65!

Icon Name
Growing Unique Weapon Box
Growing Armor Set Box

* Please Note: 
- Unique Weapons and Armors obtained from the box is untradeable. 
- Must be Lv. 15+ to use Growing Unique Armor Box. 
- Please take into account which class you will advance to before choosing your Growing Weapon/Armors!


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