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Controller Support

Controller System

  • The Controller tab will be added to the Settings – Hotkey Settings menu.
    - Default key settings will be applied as the same system as for a keyboard.
  • Default settings are provided, and the keys for each menu can be reconfigured.
  • When a controller is connected, the controller icon in the controller tab will change to green.
  • Depending on the type of in-game events, optimal controller support may not be available.





Supported Controllers

  • The key layout UI is provided for XBOX and PS types.
    - You can configure settings according to the type of controller you are using.


  • XBOX Type
    - Supports wired/wireless connections.
    - Supports vibration function if available.


  • PS Type
    - Supports only wired connection.
    - Supports vibration function if available.
    - Wireless connection will be supported in the future.


  • Vibration function will not be activated even if a controller is connected when using keyboard controls.




Combination Keys

  • You can specify keys that can be used in combination with other keys, and up to 2 keys can be configured.
  • You can mix combination keys and regular keys for configuration, and they can be used as shown in the examples below.
    - Combination Key 1 + Regular Key, Combination Key 2 + Regular Key, Combination Key 1 + Combination Key 2 + Regular Key
  • You cannot combine combination keys themselves, and keys that can be assigned as commands cannot be set as combination keys.
    - Creature skill controls, equipment option controls.




Town and Dungeons

  • Configured key values will be shown in item and skill slots when using a controller, and changes from switching between controller and keyboard will be applied in real-time.




Provided Key Settings

  • The following is a list of key settings provided in the controller settings.



Dungeon Command

Hotkey Chat

Combination Key 1

Movement (Up)

Creature Skill Controls

Hotkey Chat 1

Combination Key 2

Movement (Left)

Equipment Option Controls

Hotkey Chat 2

Status Window (My Info)

Movement (Down)

Dungeon Special Key

Hotkey Chat 3

My Skill Window

Movement (Right)

Elite Member Mode / Raid Special Key

Hotkey Chat 4

Inventory Window


Dungeon Retry

Hotkey Chat 5


Basic Attack / Duel Ready

Select Another Dungeon

Hotkey Chat 6

Auction House


Return to Town

Hotkey Chat 7

System Menu / Close All Opened Windows

Skill 2

Skill Slot Hotkey 1

Hotkey Chat 8

Video Capture / Stop

Item Slot Hotkey 1

Skill Slot Hotkey 2

Hotkey Chat 9

Town Map / Dungeon Map

Item Slot Hotkey 2

Skill Slot Hotkey 3

Hotkey Chat 10

Event Skill

Item Slot Hotkey 3

Skill Slot Hotkey 4


Mouse Movement (Up)

Item Slot Hotkey 4

Skill Slot Hotkey 5

Mouse Movement (Left)

Item Slot Hotkey 5

Skill Slot Hotkey 6

Mouse Movement (Down)

Item Slot Hotkey 6

Skill Slot Hotkey 7

Mouse Movement (Right)


Extended Skill Slot Hotkey 1

Left Mouse Button

Extended Skill Slot Hotkey 2

Right Mouse Button

Extended Skill Slot Hotkey 3

Mouse Wheel Up

Extended Skill Slot Hotkey 4

Mouse Wheel Down

Extended Skill Slot Hotkey 5


Extended Skill Slot Hotkey 6

Extended Skill Slot Hotkey 7




Additional Functions

  • Selections made in NPC conversations and menus are applied according to the controller settings.
    - Options can be selected by using the space bar dialogue key or attack key


  • Mouse-switching functionality is provided.
    - Key customization is available in the controller settings.
    - Mouse movement, clicking, and scrolling functions are provided.


  • Detailed adjustments for some features are available. 
    - Analog Stick Sensitivity
    - Vibration Intensity
    - Mouse Sensitivity


  • For some monster patterns that require the use of fixed keys, you can input them with a controller.
    - X button patterns Basic Attack Key
    - Arrow key patterns Movement Key
    - The Meister's Laboratory, Phase 1 Basic Attack / Jump / Dungeon Special Key / Skill Key
  • When using the analog stick as the movement key, walking and running is activated based on the tilt of the stick.
  • The space key used during NPC conversations corresponds to the controller settings.
  • When playing Noblesse Code content, the controller settings for each character are applied separately.
  • If you play via Steam, it is recommended to use the official Valve controller layout.
    - Using other layouts may cause the controller to not function properly.
    - Changes made in Steam’s controller settings will be applied in DFO upon running the game.



Controller Support Policy

With the addition of official controller support, details regarding controller and device policy have been outlined in this notice. Please refer to the notice for details regarding what functions can be used.

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