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Synopsis 1

They lost.
More of their kind, who crossed dimensions to kill those who were strong in another world, got killed and were proven to be weaker.
The weak should be killed off. But the news of their loss in this specific world continued to come in. One by one, the Fiends took notice of Arad.
The inhabitants of Cosmo Fiend were born strong, and they fed on the energy of their enemies that they killed.
They thought they were unmatched in this multiverse, but they were not. How could this happen?

Were there really worthy opponents in that faraway place?

These questions turned into curiosity, and then anger.
Anger toward the weak of their kind who lost to some insignificant enemies.
Anger at themselves for even imagining how it would be like to fight these enemies.
Anger for the enemies for making them feel rage in the first place.
Their burning anger brought them together.

In the meantime, a massive Rift was formed on the planet that was shaped like a black fragment and connected to Arad.
The Fiends figured out they could squeeze themselves through this Rift and build a great battlefield in that world.
Let's spread our rage. We'll burn them with it!
These feelings of agitation we're experiencing are beneath us. Revenge on Arad for this humiliation!


Synopsis 2

[Omitted] ...Since we're still coping with the situation, their invasion is becoming all the more threatening.
They appear to be intelligent creatures, but we can't hope to negotiate with them. We must deal with them with extreme prejudice.
They travel in what's shaped like a ball. Seeing how these balls land at irregular intervals, I don't think they're very organized.

But even though they may move individually, they have the same goal: the destruction of Arad. They want to get rid of everything that they see in this world.
A brave knight approached who seemed to be their leader and asked why they came. This is the summary of what he was told:

"As of now, this land is the battlefield on which we decide who's stronger. Whoever wins is good, and only the good get to punish the evil."

The knight who brought this answer, which was really the only thing we gained out of the battle, died as soon as he returned.
Seeing that how these beings have no mercy for the wounded, they probably didn't kill him on sight because they wanted him to act as their messenger.
They kill and get killed. Honestly, I don't think we stand a chance against them.
The reinforcements from Empyrean aren't enough. We need veteran warriors to fight these mysterious enemies.
Please send them to us as soon as possible.

Baldus Olver, 3rd Support Unit Captain of the Great Empire

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