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Fiend War : Reward


Clearance Reward

  • You can get the following items upon clearing the Fiend War.
  • You must win a battle (clear a dungeon) at least once to get the rewards.
Phase Type Monster
Gate Destroyed Party 125 Fateful Determinations
125 Undaunted Determinations
VIP 1 Antimatter Particle
Raid Group You will randomly get one of the following rewards.
  • 11 Antimatter Particles
  • 12 Antimatter Particles
  • 13 Antimatter Particles
  • 20 Antimatter Particles
  • 11 Antimatter Particles + 1 Fiend War Unique/Legendary monster card
  • 11 Antimatter Particles + 1 Supertemporal Ability Tayberrs Epic Armor

Orc Sage's Supertemporal Supply Crate

  • If Supertemporal Ability Epic armor appears on the Fiend War Results Card, then you can now choose between this equipment or 48 Antimatter Particles.


Tayberrs Epic Armor Update: Supertemporal Abilities

  • You can improve your Tayberrs Epic armor through the Fiend War.
  • The Antimatter Particle item can be used for improving Tayberrs Epic armor.
  • Improved Tayberrs Epic armor develops Supertemporal Abilities.
  • You can activate their Supertemporal Abilities through the Temporal Equipment Dynamizer, which is accessible through NPC Masked Knight's Upgrade Equipment menu.
  • You can choose to retain your equipment's original Reinforcement/Amplification/Enchantment levels.
  • Activating Supertemporal Abilities through the Temporal Equipment Dynamizer requires the following materials.
Material Necessary Quantity
Antimatter Particle 96
Refined Terranium 40
Epic Soul 10
Gold 3,000,000 Gold
※ Gold cost may vary, depending on the target equipment's Reinforcement/Amplification/Enchantment levels.


  • Improved Tayberrs Epic armor can be retexturized.
  • Retexturization to Plate adds Crusader options.
  • Improved Tayberrs Epic armor can be Transcended.
  • Improved Tayberrs Epic armor shares Set options with regular Tayberrs Epic armor.
  • You can check the current Set options of your items through their View Set Options menu.
  • The following Set Option application rules are applied.
Equip Supertemporal Ability Item Equip Tayberrs Item Description
1 Piece 2 Pieces 3-piece Tayberrs Set effect applied
2 Pieces 3 Pieces 3, 5-piece Tayberrs Set effect applied
3 Pieces 2 Pieces 3-piece Set effect applied to the Supertemporal Ability items + 5-piece effect to the normal items
(3-piece Set effect not applied to the normal items)
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