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Other Changes


  • The Fiend War Epic/Scenario dungeons will be added.


Weekly Content

  • The Fiend War information will be added to Weekly Content.


Raid Commander Notification

  • The Raid Commander Notification menu will be added to the Fiend War Raid Group Status Board.
  • Raid commanders can now use this menu through the Raid Group Status Board and  Quick Status Board to ask all their Raid commanders to come to a specific Operation Area.
  • To use this menu through the Raid Group Status Board, select the Support Request button, and then an Operation Area.
  • To use it through the Quick Status Board, click an Operation Area.


Exclusive Fiend War Consumable Slots

  • The exclusive Fiend War Consumable slots will be added.
  • They can only be used while the Quick Status Board is activated.
  • Only the exclusive Fiend War Consumables can be added to these slots.
  • You must have the items in your Character inventory to use them with the right mouse button or hotkeys.


Raid Shop

  • The Fiend War category will be added to the Raid Shop.
  • The following items will become available for purchase.
  • All the Raid Shop items are Unique.
Item Price Description
Special Energy Concealer Box 5 Refined Terraniums + 100,000 Gold Contains the Fiend War Raid Entry item, Special Energy Concealer.
Fiend War Card Box 40 Antimatter Particles Generates 1 Fiend War Rare - Unique monster card.
Cosmo Fiend: Rosen Card is not included.
Lv. 95 Harlem Epic Fragment Box 14 Antimatter Particles Generates 20 Level 95 Harlem Epic Fragment of your choice.
Lv. 95 Tayberrs Epic Fragment Box 40 Antimatter Particles Generates 30 Level 95 Tayberrs Epic Fragment of your choice.
Cosmo Fiend: Rosen Card 120 Antimatter Particles Enchants Magic Stones with the All Elemental Damages +15 option. Cannot be upgraded.
Also can be obtained as a Raid Clearance reward.


Title Book

  • Fiend War will be added to the Title Book > Special Achievement tab.
  • 6 new titles will be added.
  • Fiend Destroyer, Perfect Defense, Frontal Breakthrough, Counter Master, Fiend Deathnote, and Immortal Fiend Warrior
  • You can acquire these titles through the Fiend War Raid. If you collect all 6 titles, then you will be rewarded with the Supertemporal Conquerer title.



  • Fiend War will be added to the Raid Channel Selection window.
  • Fiend War will be added to the Explorer Club's Content Training category.
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