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Skill Introduction

Skill Name Level Skill Description
State of Nature 95

Increases Basic Atk. and Advanced Skill Atk., and creates additional effects for certain skills.


  • Windstorm Spiral Power
    - Spiral Energy is fully charged when you enter dungeons.
    - Spiral Energy is automatically restored in combat mode.


  • Nen Cannon
    - This skill will always be cast in full-charge mode.


  • Spiral Nen Press
    - Now generates Nen around the target that it follows and explodes it.
Tiger Blast 95 Creates spiral Nen with the energy of Nature, broadly spins it, and then causes it to explode in the shape of a tiger.
Celestial Annihilation 100 Nen orbs appear as he rises into the air cross-legged, forming a mudra with his hands.
He then brings his hands together, combining the surrounding Nen orbs into a massive light orb, which explodes and annihilates everything around him.



Male Nen Master Changes

  • Lightning Leg Strike

- Atk. will be increased by 16.6%.


  • Nen Guard

- Nen Guard Upgrade will no longer cause abnormal durations, cooldown, or Atk. at Nen Guard Level 9 or below.


  • Doppelganger Blast

- Atk. will be increased by 18.9%.


  • Tiger Flash

- Now, it will be affected by Basic Training.
- Atk. will be readjusted.
- The information above will be added to the tooltip.
- SP cost will be changed. (30 → 25)


  • Lion's Roar

- Atk. will be increased by 7.9%.


  • Energy Shield

- Atk. will be increased by 9.5%.


  • Haitai Summon

- Atk. will be increased by 13%.
- It can now be canceled into Basic attacks.


  • Haitai Summon Upgrade

- Skill options will be changed.
- Before: Last explosion Atk. +20%
- After: Haitai Summon Atk. +10%


  • Lion of Suju

- It can now be canceled into Basic attacks.


  • Nen Spear

- Atk. will be increased by 12.2%.


  • Overlord Spiral Blade

- Atk. will be increased by 7.4%.


  • Moonlight Land

- Atk. will be increased by 7.5%.
- It will now be affected by your Attack Speed.


  • Resplendent Form

- Its max hit count will be changed to 12.
- Because of this change, the entire skill process will be updated.
- The multi-hit standard for the max hits will be alleviated.
- The skill-initializing motion will now be affected by Attack Speed.

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