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Prey Isys Guide Dungeon


  • The Prey-Isys Guide Dungeon will be added.
    - This Raid Guide content enables you to fight Prey-Isys in a Raid Group by yourself for 60 minutes.
  • You can enter this dungeon once a day, 2 days a week, Saturday, Sunday and Thursday.
  • This dungeon shares Entry count with the Prey-Isys Raid.
  • Up to 2 characters can be bound to this dungeon every week, and only the bound characters can enter it.    
    - Starting this Guide Dungeon binds your current character to it. (Reset on Tuesdays)
  • You can use more Life Tokens in the Guide Dungeon than you can in the Raid.
  • The time limit inside the dungeon will be deleted.
  • Monster stats and attack patterns will be adjusted.
  • Starting the Guide Dungeon requires Small Lupsong's Relics.
    - You can get these items through Small Lupsong's Relic Boxes sold at the Raid Shop.
    - Small Lupsong's Relic Boxes share Use count with Lupsong's Relic Boxes.
  • Ruhos in this Guide Dungeon does not sell Ruhos's Physical Enhancement Potions.


How to Enter

  • Talk to NPC Niu in the Isys Raid Group channel. Select the Create Raid Group > Prey-Isys Guide > Solo menu.    
    - The Entry materials, Small Lupsong's Relics, can be obtained through Small Lupsong's Relic Boxes sold at the Raid Shop.
    - You can start the dungeon by entering the Lobby on the right side.


Differences from Prey-Isys Raid

  • The Guide Dungeon is activated in a different phase, each time you enter it in a week, generating different monsters in the Sanctums, Magic Towers, and Gardens.    
  • A fewer dungeons appear in Nighttime Skyscraper - Outskirts.    
    - 1 Garden, 1 Magic Tower, 2 Sanctums, and 1 Interception Unit
  • Interception Units appear less frequently, but their damage on Slenikon is higher if you fail to get rid of them.    
  • Buff rewards from certain dungeons are provided without limit.    
    - Target Dungeons: Gardens, Grand Gardens, and Battlegrounds
  • The Nighttime Skyscraper - Depths play rules are adjusted to match Solo Guide mode.    
    - The Observatory and Battleground dungeons can be cleared before the Sky Nest.
    - The Isys dungeon becomes accessible after the Observatory dungeon is cleared.
  • Isys's Groggy Time generation rules are adjusted to match Solo Guide mode.    
    - Disrupt Isys's attack patterns to activate Groggy Time.
    - Even if Isys's Groggy Time is over, you will not be returned to the next Slenikon.



  • The following rewards are given for clearing Prey-Isys Raid Guide - Solo.    
    - Your Dungeon Clear count must be at least 2 to get the rewards.
    - Compared to the Prey-Isys Raid, this dungeon creates a low chance of the Gold Card, but everything else—equipment, cards, etc.—has the same drop rate.
Item Rewards
Normal 120 Undaunted Determinations
VIP Premium Contract Randomly generates 1 of the following.
  • 1 Obsidian Eye of Eternity
  • 2 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity
  • 3 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity
Raid Group Randomly generates 1 of the following rewards.
  • 10 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity
  • 11 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity
  • 12 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity
  • 18 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity
  • 12 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity + 12 Resplendent Obsidian Eyes of Eternity
  • 10 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity + 1 Prey-Isys Unique/Legendary monster card
  • 10 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity + 1 Current: Black Sky's Master weapon (of your choice)
  • 10 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity + 1 First Dark Power Set accessory
  • 10 Obsidian Eyes of Eternity + 1 Second Dark Power Set Special Equipment
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