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The massive structure of the Imperial Arena symbolizes the glory and prosperity of the Empire.
There, a great many people, each with a unique story to tell, fight bloody battles against each other.
Some fight for wealth and fame.
Others fight to test their strength.
There are even those who fight against their will.
Huge crowds gather to watch and cheer them on.
When all the battles end and night falls, a menacing darkness is cast over the Arena.
The air is thick with an eerie silence that amplifies even the tiniest noise.
Some time ago, a strange rumor about the nighttime Arena started spreading.
It says it reverberates with blood-curdling screams and monstrous howls in the night.
Most people disregarded the rumor.
Even the ones who had heard the sounds thought it was just a figment of their imagination.
Some believed that it was the spirits of fallen warriors wailing with anger.
It was impossible to verify this rumor
because the gates of the Arena are locked shut during the night as no official games are held after evening.
One late evening, a stagecoach stops in front of the Arena.
"This way."
A woman in the Imperial official's uniform addresses the rider inside. She opens the door to the coach, looking at the passenger impassively, the way a researcher would at a lab mouse.
The passenger gets off the coach and walks toward the Arena,
as the massive gates of the Arena open quietly to welcome him in.



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