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Dimensional Rupture

Mirror Arad Event


Lord Knight Annis sat up straight as she relaxed her mind under the giant walnut tree. However, still feeling anxious, she did not release her sword and shield but rather held her grip tighter. The sudden sound of a Moon Night Owl broke her concentration. The Moon Night Owl is a nocturnal creature that hides its existence in darkness. A cry from a Moon Night Owl is definitely not a good sign.

Having lost her focus, Lord Knight Annis figured that further training would be meaningless. Given the circumstances, she simply thought that swinging her sword and the shield for endurance would be more efficient. She pressed her sword on the ground to stand up. 

As Annis stood up, she was startled at what she saw. In front of her, was a girl illuminated in light and a giant lion covered in gold. How could she not have noticed their presence approaching her? 
Confused, she immediately took a defensive stance, her years of training and discipline taking over. The power she felt from them was overwhelming. However, she sensed no hostility from her uninvited guests either. Finally, Memet the golden lion spoke. “This child... will she always react this way..?”

Nemyr, the girl illuminated in light answered. “She loses her memories every time she crosses the great rupture. Even as my reincarnation, passing through the great rupture is not a simple matter."
Recognizing the voice, Annis quickly withdrew her sword. “Nemyr, what happened? I almost completely forgot about you”

Nemyr nodded and said in a soothing voice, sounding warmer than before. “There is nothing to worry about. It is normal for someone to lose their memory while spending a lot of time in the great rupture. You just need to remember your mission.”

Mission? Annis tried to remember but her mind was clouded as if a black curtain was covering her thoughts. She could not remember anything about this mission but felt a heavy burden in her heart. 
As Annis was looking troubled, Memet once again spoke in a piercing voice. “It looks like this child is trying to run away from the terrible memories. Why don’t we show it to her again?”

As soon as Memet’s speech ended, Annis felt her body becoming heavier and heavier. She was suddenly swallowed into the Otherverse. When she opened her eyes, the universe was coming to an end. One by one, she saw stars losing their lights and faded into nothingness. As this horrible sight unfolded around her, Annis memories completely returned.

Since Annis was 10, Memet and Nemyr would appear before her whenever she heard the cry of a Moon Night Owl. They travelled with Annis through various dimensions in search of the ‘Final Time Zone.’ They can no longer count the number of dimensions they have visited. In every ‘Final Time Zone’ they found, universe came to an end and each time, they would witness powerful heroes, adventurers and gods struggling to save their universe but to no avail. 

Annis felt hopeless and said in a weak voice. “We cannot do anything... The end is all but certain.”
Nemyr responded in a composed manner. “No, we still have hope. This is why you must complete your mission. Find the Great Will, only it can stop this tragedy. Only with the power of the Great Will can all of this be averted”

Before Nemyr could continue, the last star disappeared. Nemyr knew their time in this dimension has come to an end. She wanted to remind Annis of her mission but Annis consciousness has already started to wane and could no longer hear Nemyr’s voice.

Annis awoken, she found herself alone. Nemyr and Memet were no longer there. However, this time she clearly knew what she needed to do. Unlike before, she remembers her mission.

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