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The Plane: Mirror Arad

Mirror Arad Event


In the beginning, there was only the Void, a vast emptiness of space where no life existed. But from the Void emerged the beginning of creation, the “Great Will”. His power would spread across the emptiness and breathe life into the Universe.

After an eternity had passed, the creator of the Universe would disappear leaving only fragments of His power. His disappearance would fracture the order of the Universe and the Universe was divided into countless different dimensions. Aware of the tragedy that is unfolding, Nemyr took it upon herself to find the "Great Will” by gathering the fragments of it.

When all fragments are gathered, the order of the Universe will be restored and the Universe that has been divided into countless different dimensions will once again be made into one.



  • Dimensional Rupture that connects the Arad Continent to another Plane will appear.
    - Due to the Dimensional Rupture, West Coast area of Mirror Arad will open in Arad Harbor
    - West Coast is a town of Arad where the Great Metastasis did not happen.



  • Adventurers may move to the other world through the special gate created by Nemyr called the [Gate of Will]
    - Gate of Will is located at the Underfoot Harbor. You can access Gate of Will via NPC Annis to get to the West Coast.
    - Only adventurers above Lv. 55 can use the Gate of Will.
    - You can move between Underfoot Harbor and West Coast area via the Gate of Will.


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