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Dungeon Gameplay Improvements

Advanced Dungeon Farming Improvements

* The option levels of items obtained in the following dungeons has been increased slightly.

Dungeon Difficulty Previous Levels Changed Levels
Noblesse Code: Dusk Master 39 ~ 54 41 ~ 56
Destroyed Castle of the Dead Master 40 ~ 58 44 ~ 59
The Meister's Laboratory Expert 45 ~ 63 47 ~ 63

* The option levels of items obtained from related Epic Selection Boxes and Pot items will also be changed accordingly.


Advanced Dungeon Golden Beryl Bundles Improvement

* The number of Golden Beryl and Flawless Golden Beryl dropped in Advanced Dungeons will be reduced while the number of materials per bundle is increased.

- The total amount of rewards will be the same as before.

Before After



Destroyed Castle of the Dead

* The map size for Destroyed Castle of the Dead will be reduced along with changes to the numbers of Buff/Debuff/Special Functions.

- Buff: 5 types
- Debuff: 0 types
- Special Functions: 3 types

* The following Buffs and Special Functions will be deleted. 
 Buff: HP/MP Increase, Monster Atk. Reduction, Fire Attack Added, Maintain Effect, Reset
- Special Functions: Candle of Oblivion, Gold Clown's Dimension Box, Third Eye

* Revived Gold Crown will have reduced armor during the animation for entering Phase 2.


The Machine Revolution: Total War

* The location of OP_Packs will now be shown in the minimap and full map in The Machine Revolution: Total War.

Full map Minimap


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