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New Character: Agent

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The Empyrean Imperial Family is known to posssess a very secretive security group called 'The Company."

The Company was mainly employed by the nobles, and sometimes carried out espionage. However, as the Imperial Family one day attempted to summon them, the nobles, fearful that their secrets would leak, framed The Company as ‘traitors’ and offered bounty for their capture. Falsely accused, ‘The Company’ managed to flee to the Lawless District.

Wandering about the Lawless District, The Company joined Enzo Sipo, the leader of the Gunmen, who seemed to share a common goal. However, as time passed Enzo Sipo started showing his true colors. Enzo Sipo started to recruit cruel, violent outlaws and even called in Rangelus, whom even the Wespeace Military had given up on.
The leader of ‘The Company’ O’Connell strived to persuade Enzo Sipo even after Varracht of the Sandstorm left, but betrayal was all he received in return. O’Connell no longer saw hope in the Empyrean, and decided to carry out an escape plan.

As O’Connell held strong confidence in the legend of the Underworld,
he decided to take The Company to the Underworld with a submersible hover craft from Dr. Giselle. Aboard the hover craft, O’Connell and ‘The Company’ traveled under the deep sea, arriving in Arad, a place only known as legend among the Empyrean. ‘The Company’ settled in Arad as mercenaries.
Then one day, The Company seizes an opportunity to suppress a large insurgency during the change of the principality.

The Company fought in the war, building a reputation as mercenaries from Arad, but lost O’Connell during a mission. Moving past grief, ‘The Company’ appoints Rupert, who had been long discussed as his successor. Under the leadership of Rupert, ‘The Company’ entered its second renaissance in Arad. Until one day, rumors that O’Connell is still alive reaches the intelligence of ‘The Company,’

If he is in fact alive, why has he not returned?

To find out the truth, ‘The Company’ dispatches their men.



New Skills

Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Black Crescent Swings his sword in an arc, launching enemies in the air.
Angle Shot Quickly draws his gun and fires it at enemies in front.
Mighty Strike Forcefully slashes downward, cutting enemies and sending forth a shock wave across the ground.
Dead Lift Quickly slashes twice, launching enemies.
Rabbit Punch Swings the barrel of his gun and hits enemies on the nape, pulling them toward him.
He then slashes at the pulled enemies, inflicting additional damage.
G-Bomb Takes out the grenade, G-Bomb, pulls out its pin, and then throws it at the area in front of him. The bomb explodes, inflicting damage on enemies and launching them in the air.
Beam Slash Using his Core Power Unit, injects energy into his sword and then slashes at enemies in front. The injected energy remains for a while, attacking enemies multiple times.
Romantic Dash Dashes forward, and then swings his sword, inflicting additional damage.
Core Shield Throws the Core Power Unit, creating a shield that blocks Ranged enemy attacks.
This shield, if receiving a certain amount of damage or after its duration, explodes and inflicts damage on surrounding damage.
You can adjust this shield's generation location, and instantly explode it with an additional key input.
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