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Other Changes


  • The following will be added according to the Agent update.
  • The character scenario will be added to the Epic quests.
  • The Agent Advancement/1st Awakening/2nd Awakening quests will be added.
  • The Agent's Epic Quest Reward equipment will be added.
  • A new Agent NPC, Unit Leader Schmitt, will be added.
  • This NPC is in charge of the Agent's 1st Awakening quest.
  • Valor Release Enhancement skills for the Advanced Agent classes will be added.
Advancement Echon the Ruined Sanctuary Echon - The Strong
Common G - Bomb -
Secret Agent Full Moon Ripper Target Shooting
Troubleshooter Disastrous Quake Surprise Present



  • Items will be added and updated according to the addition of the new character, Agent, and its Advanced classes (Secret Agent/Troubleshooter).
  • The new weapon types for the Agent, Kodachi, Square Sword, and Odachi, will be added.
  • High Tech Ring and Special Equipment for the Agent will be added.
  • Secret Agent/Troubleshooter options will be added to the existing items.
  • 2 Agent weapons will be added to Epic Crafting Prototype Weapon Boxes.
    - [Prototype] Naska: Forbidden Legacy and [Prototype] Count Winter Solstice


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