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Awakening: Enforcer

When I was a secret agent, I once was captured by a hostile organization.
The torture that lasted for weeks wasn't enough to open my mouth, but it surely was enough to make me want to die.
The only thing that kept me going was my determination to accomplish my last mission. I wanted to die proudly as a secret agent.

I thought the enemy fed me a hallucinogen because I woke up and saw my boss standing in front of me.
I failed to return alive, and my boss was looking at me with warmth in his eyes. He was more generous in that hallucination than he ever was in real life.

"Now that your identity has been revealed to the enemy, this is the end of your brilliant career."
He said brilliant. I didn't know why he was complimenting me, but that jerk sounded so real that it gave me goose bumps.

He covered me with a blanket and helped me walk. Only then I realized I'd been rescued.
Later I learned that he negotiated with the enemy to save me.

Interesting story, huh? But...
I wonder if the few weeks I suffered in the hands of the enemy were in fact the time for my superiors to test my loyalty.

Did you rest enough?
Then let's get back to the interrogation.

- The Enforcer, in the secret room in the heart of a hostile organization




Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Determination Passive Reaffirms his determination, achieving higher Basic/Skill Atk. and increasing the enemy-detecting range of certain Shooting skills. Target Skills: Aimed Shot, Target Detection, Annihilation
VIP Assassination Awakening
Quickly approaches and grabs an enemy in front, and then delivers a deadly slash, assassinating it.
Target Detection 60 Quickly approaches the nearest enemy within a certain range in front as he fires at it, and then slashes at it. Target Mark Bonus Effect. Your character attacks the enemy with the Target mark on it before everyone else.
Lunar Phases 70 Swings his sword in such a way that the arcs it draws in the air resemble different phases of the moon.
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