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Awakening: Wildcard

Long time, no see, my friend. Here, let me pour you a drink first.

Nothing tastes better than a drink after a fight, isn't it?
You're not angry because I didn't come to see you for a long time, are you?

Today I fought really hard for the first time in a long time. Maybe that's why I remembered the time I spent with you.
If today was one of those days, we would've been drinking in a nice place, wouldn't we?

I came to you today because I've got great news.
Yes, the explosive chemical you researched and wanted badly. I was able to produce it finally.

I know it's hard to believe, but it's the truth. And that chemical was the reason I won today.
I never used it in actual combat before, so making it work was kind of tricky at first.

I needed your help back then, and I need it now. I'm still nowhere near as good as you.

Ah, where did time go? I have to fight tomorrow again, so I'd better go hit the sack. I'm exhausted.
People say old people don't sleep much, and I still sleep like a baby. That got to mean I'm still young, right? Hah hah!
Don't be disappointed because I'm leaving early. I'll bring better liquor next time.

See you again, my friend.





Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Firepower Reinforcement Passive Improves the Wildcard's overall firepower, increasing Basic/Skill Atk. and Physical Critical Chance.
G-Widow Awakening
Throws the special grenade G-Widow along with a powerful time bomb, setting enemies in a broad area on fire, and causes a great explosion.
Perfect Batting 60 Spins with an explosive-laced sword, causing an explosion and pulling enemies to the front of him, strikes them, and causes another explosion for additional damage.
Get On Fire 70 Shoots at enemies in front twice, quickly loads a highly destructive bullet, and then shoots it for great additional damage.
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