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Advancement: Secret Agent

The secret agents, even if the general populace is unaware of their existence, are indispensable to the government's operation, namely to manipulate information and get rid of uncooperative political figures.
As long as countries wage war with each other, or until humans stop fighting with each other, the secret agents will exist and prove their usefulness as necessary evil.

It's not uncommon for the secret agents to do ethically questionable things. What is it that keeps them doing what they do?
Working in the shadows, the secret agents know no honor. Their achievements are only acknowledged among themselves; even their families are oblivious of what they do.
Are they given wealth for their service? They're paid as much as regular government employees are paid; the money that they get is nothing compared to the risks that they take in the line of duty.

Patriotism. Twisted loyalty toward their country.
The acknowledgment by their country, which they cannot share with their friends outside the work.
Whatever makes them believe they're doing the right thing may be false, but regardless, it's deep-rooted.

But what if their country abandons them?
If it denies their privilege to be buried in the National Cemetery, what do they have left that can keep them going?
What does an abandoned secret agent have left? We don't know.
Only the few connections that he had with others would prove that he once existed.




Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Secret Agent Leather Armor Mastery 15 Leather Armor additionally increases Attack/Movement Speeds, Physical Critical Chance, Strength, Vitality Spirit and Max HP/MP.
Secret Agent Combat Technique 15 A combat technique used by the special agents who are specialized in information manipulation and VIP assassination. Changes your Basic/Dash/Jump attacks and enables you to shoot and increase distance from enemies during Backstep. Also increases Physical Critical Chance and Critical Atk.
Consecutive Shots 15 Shoots at enemies in front 3 times in a row. USe with Down key to shoow downward.
Dual Black Crescents 20 Shoots crescent-shaped spirit swords twice. The first spirit sword pulls its targets along the Y-axis. Press the skill key again during post-casting delay after the first attack to deliver a second attack.
Evasion 20 If an enemy attacks you during Romantic Dash, Evasion is activated, enabling you to evade the attack. During Evasion, press the Romantic Dash key, Z (skill), or X (Basic Attack) to deliver an additional blow. Learning this skill enables you to use Romantic Dash in the middle of various Secret Agent skills.
Kodachi Mastery 20 The Secret Agent, being an infiltration and assassination expert, is specialized in the Kodachi. Kodachis increase Physical Atk. and Hit Rate.
Moonshine Ripper 25 Holds his sword with both hands and charges forward, delivering a cross slash.
Mission Initialization 30 The Secret Agent concentrates his mind the moment his mission begins, achieving higher Basic/Skill Atk.
Assassination Target 30 Marks Named/Boss/Hell monsters for assassination. The Assasination mark is automatically added, and cannot be added to Normal monsters.
Aimed Shot 30 Automatically takes aim and shoots at enemies in front, inflicting lethal damage.
Hold down the skill key to aim and shoot at an enemy with the Target mark on it within a certain range in front.
Full Moon Ripper 35 Spins with two swords, slashing and pulling surrounding enemies, and then finishes them with a full moon slash.
Shadow Step 35 Uses the Secret Agent's secret move, Shadow Step, to assassinate enemies before they can realize it.
Shadow Step can deliver up to 3 sets of attacks. Succeed in the first set, and you can activate the other two by pressing the skill key again.
The last move of each set can be canceled to give way to another skill. Shadow Step can be canceled into other skills.
The last attack of each Shadow Step set targets an enemy with the Target mark on it before others.
Target Shooting 40 Shoots at the closest enemy within range. Repeatedly hit the skill button to shoot up to 12 bullets in a row.
This skill targets the enemy with the Assassination mark on it before others.
Blade Falcon 40 Throws his gun and sword, combining them into a Blade Falcon and inflicting multi-hit damage.
Before the Blade Falcon disappears, you can enter an additional key and deliver a powerful finishing slash.
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