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Advancement: Troubleshooter

It's not known when they first appeared in Arad.
But it's a fact that their appearance had a great impact on the mercenary market on the continent.

They used strategies that other mercenaries had never heard of and exceeded their clients' expectations without fail.
They raised standards for those who sought mercenary services. Thanks to them, it became necessary for aspiring mercenaries of Arad to become knowledgeable in the art of war as well as to be good at fighting.
They ended the era in which mercenaries were priced by their strength.

Their ability to strategize wasn't the only thing that set them apart from other mercenaries.
They also used bombs and buckshot made of complicated explosives, instantly setting the battlefield on fire with all their enemies in it. The way they fought was unheard of in Arad before and it was exciting.

"The troubleshooters capable of turning the tables on their enemies in any situations."
People started calling them the Troubleshooters.

Looking for mercenaries to aid in a large-scale battle? Go to a tavern and ask for the Troubleshooters.
For the right amount of money and alcohol, they'll make all your trouble go away.




Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Troubleshooter Heavy Armor Mastery 15 Troubleshooter's Heavy Armor Mastery, Heavy Armor increases the Troubleshooter's Strength, Vitality, Max HP/MP, MP Recovery, and Physical Critical Chance.
Veteran's Combat Technique 15 The Troubleshooter's unique combat technique. Basic attacks hit 3 times, your Movement Speed increases, and bombs and Shotguns decrease enemies' Physical/Magical Def.
Double Barrels 15 Sits and takes a stance, and then quickly shoots his shotgun, inflicting damage multiple times.
Rolling Move 15 Quickly rolls forward, and then slashes at enemies upward, launching them in the air.
Can be canceled into certain skills after their attack phase.
Square Sword Mastery 20 Square Swords increase the Troubleshooter's Physical Atk., Attack Speed, Hit Rate, and Immobility.
Brake Shot 20 Strikes enemies in the leg with his sword, launching them in the air, and shoots his shotgun, inflicting additional damage.
Sword Bomb 25 Swings an explosive-laced sword, pushing surrounding enemies forward, and cause chain explosion, inflicting additional damage.
The explosions cause Special Burn, Holding their targets for a set duration.
Swashbuckler's Refreshment 25 Increases Basic/Skill Atk. before entering combat by drinking an energy drink.
Handle Explosives 30 Improves the explosives that the Troubleshooter handles, and increases attack range and Atk. for certain Shotgun and Bomb skills.
Diffusion Burst 30 Shoots a buckshot with his shotgun, attacking enemies in a wide area in front.
G-CTF 30 Sends a G-CTF, a bomb made of powerful explosives, rolling on the ground, and detonating it with his shotgun.
Enemies caught in the explosion receive Special Burn and are temporarily Held.
Igniting Slash 35 Repeatedly swings an explosive-laced sword at enemies.
The sword causes a powerful explosion as it hits enemies, inflicting damage and pulling them toward the Troubleshooter.
Oppression 35 Shoots his shotgun at enemies in front, jumps backward, and then throws a net of bombs.
This bomb net remains for a while, and instantly explodes if an enemy steps on it, inflicting damage.
Enemies caught in the explosion receive Special Burn and are temporarily Held.
Disastrous Quake 40 Laces his sword with explosives, dashes forward, and strikes the ground with it, causing a great explosion.
Surprise Present 45 Produces several special bombs from his jacket, quickly throws them, and shoots at them with his shotgun, detonating them one by one, inflicting multi-hit damage on enemies.
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