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Hey, you. Are you an adventurer? What brings you here?
You're lost and you don't know how you got here. You're new to this adventuring business, aren't you? You look tired. Come over here and have a glass of cool water.
You must have been thirsty. It hit the spot, didn't it?
This place has really good-tasting water. Maybe you're lucky that you got lost and ended up here.

Where is this place? Elvenguard, where the elves used to live with us humans.
They're long gone now, but their traces still remain in Arad.

Oops, I was so preoccupied talking to you that I almost ruined the hammer I was in the middle of making. Wait there for a sec, will you?

...Whew. I'm sweaty. At times like this, I'm grateful for the wind that blows from Grand Flores.
It's a great place to take a stroll whenever I feel tired.
There's no better shelter than Mother Nature herself, you know.

But beware: this forest hides myriad secrets as well as a horde of dangerous monsters.
It doesn't look it, you say? You really are green, aren't you?
I would've understood if you were an ordinary person, but you're an adventurer.
You shouldn't judge a place by its outward appearance.

Maybe I should tell you a story. I used to be an adventurer myself.
I don't want to brag, but I was pretty famous, too.

I traveled everywhere on the Arad Continent. Freezing Mount Thunderime.
The subterranean kingdom of the dark elves. I even went to Shonan, the city of martial artists.
And while traveling, I realized something: behind its beautiful, peaceful facade,
the continent was rife with unexplainable—often dreadful—phenomena.
If you're serious about adventuring, pay attention to what's happening around you.
Help people in distress and follow news and rumors from faraway places.
You'll be on an amazing adventure before you know it.

Who knows? You might uncover the secrets of Arad that no one else has. Don't you think? 
But first you need to grow stronger.
You can't do anything if you get tired so easily from wandering about a forest for a little while.

Hah hah, did I upset you? Then show me.
Become a great adventurer, so that even people in a backwater place like this know your name.
Then, I'll apologize to you. What do you say?

Good, that's the spirit! I'll look forward to hearing your news. May the elves bless you!



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