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When the prophesied time came,
the warriors who carried the name of Despair left their tower
for Pandemonium to test their destiny.
The news didn't spread quickly.
New challengers continued to flock to the tower,
wanting a match with these warriors from ancient times and other worlds.
But they only found themselves an empty tower.
Disappointed, they were about to leave
when the caretaker of the tower called to them.
The old caretaker named Simona propositioned them
to stay and claim the empty tower for themselves. 
She said they could train inside the tower
where time flowed more slowly than it did outside,
until they transcended all their limits.
Those who wanted new and different challenges left.
The others, who wanted to become stronger, remained.
They renamed their new home the 'Tower of Anguish'
and prepared it for a new millennium. 
"We thanked the owners of the Tower of Despair
for giving us this chance to train our strength across time and space."
- New Owners of the Tower





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