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Tower of Anguish


New Content : Tower of Anguish

  • The Tower of Anguish dungeon has been added to the Valley of Fallen Souls area.

  • 100 formidable adventurers have claimed the tower, and are waiting for worthy opponents.
  • You must be Level 90 or above to enter it.
  • You can enter it once a day per account.
    - This entry limit is reset daily at 09:00 a.m. (UTC).
    - Your Explorer Club Level affects your maximum account entry limit. (Not applied to character entry limit)
    - Explorer Club Lv. 1-6: Entry count +1
    - Explorer Club Lv. 7-11: Entry count +2
    - You can check your remaining entry count in the Dungeon Description/Supporter Selection/Character Selection windows.
  • Your entry count is reset daily at 09:00 a.m. (UTC).


Re-entries & Additional Entries

  • If you fail the dungeon, then you can use Invitations of Anguish to re-enter it.
    - Only the character that failed the dungeon can re-enter it.
    - Your entry count increases if you use a character that has not entered the dungeon that day.


Tower of Anguish Rules

  • The Exorcism System is applied.
    - The tower requires an increasing amount of Exorcism for a set number of floors.
    - If you do not have enough Exorcism, then you will receive penalties on character HP, ATK and incoming damage amounts.
  • Certain skills start on cool-down when you enter the tower.
  • Certain protection skills have their cooldown increased and their duration shortened.
    - Light of Divinity, Nen Guard, etc.
  • Certain item options are disabled.
    - Light of Divinity, Cooldown Reset, etc.
  • Supporters cannot be used.
  • Gabriel's Shop does not appear.
  • Only the exclusive Tower of Anguish consumables sold by Simona can be used.
    - Certain Consumable items and Life Tokens are disabled.
  • The Male Mage's Resurrection skill cools down longer.
  • There is a limit to acceptable Reinforcement/Boost/Refining levels.
    - Reinforcement/Boost: +10
    - Refining: +5
  • Goblin PIN is disabled inside the dungeon.


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