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The Tower of Dazzlement is known to grant invaluable treasure to those who have passed the ordeal.

This mesmerizing tale quickly spread throughout the lands of Arad, and countless adventurers have travelled to the Valley of the Fallen Souls to conquer the Tower of Dazzlement in search of fame, honor, and treasure.

However, once the adventurers enter the tower, the doors become tightly sealed. The tower does not allow the unskilled to return without paying a hefty price. Only a few skilled adventurers have been able to pass the ordeal of the tower and return to their homes, but even among them, not many were able to return with their limbs or minds intact.
Even the adventures who were able to came back weren't able to fully escape the clutches of the tower…

The ones who have been able to conquer the tower are always forced to take only a fraction of the treasure they encounter in the tower, and the treasure which they left inside the tower always draws them back. Hence, it is called the Tower of Dazzlement.

Every day, the heavy doors of the tower open with a horrifying sound,
to seize the greed of those who were invited to the tower…


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