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He and Isys-Prey were two, but existed as one.
He stood on the border of light, calling darkness.
His name was Prey-Isys.

Prey symbolized light, guarded life, and promoted prosperity; Isys represented darkness, presided over death, and sang requiems.
Two spirits in one body, one of them fell asleep when the other awoke.
When Prey awoken, he brought in light, changing night to day, and encouraged life to grow.
When Isys awoken, he cast darkness, changing day to night, and let those whose time on this realm ran out move on to the hereafter.
With these two looking after each half of the day, Tayberrs circulated and prospered.

But gradually, the balance between these two spirits was disrupted.
More habitants of Tayberrs started following Prey for his power to bring light into their lives, and their faith in him extended his time of consciousness.
The balance broke. Day lengthened.
More lives were born than those who died.

This meant Isys's time was decreasing.
Every day, fewer lives died and his power grew weaker.
Isys was losing his grip on reality as everyone around him started forgetting him...

Then, on the verge of extinction, Isys stirred awake by some new feelings: anger and hatred.
They urged him to take over the body that he shared with Prey and rule Tayberrs for both of them.

Prey sensed this change in Isys and tried to fly over to somewhere isolated.
Isys noticed what Prey was doing and lashed out.
Their fight over the domination of their body began, shattering everything around them.
Not wanting to hurt anyone else, Prey shouted Isys's name three times and expelled him out of their body.

His first calling drove Isys's mind out of the body.
His second calling gave it flesh, bones, and feathers.
At his third calling, Isys unfolded his wings.

Isys slowly flew into the air and flapped his wings languorously while Prey panted, having used all his energy to expel his other self.

Isys's first flap of wings calmed all the winds.
His second flap of wings banished all stars from the sky.
His third flap of wings cast the curtains of night over Tayberrs.

Afterward, he attacked Prey.
Their fight continued for a long time.
Day and night changed constantly, sending the world into chaos.
Everyone else shook with fear and confusion.

Days passed.
Then, suddenly night was no more. It was day.
Prey won.
Prey opened up the ground and buried Isys in the deepest part of the earth.
Just like that, Isys was locked up in a world of eternal dreams and endless night.

One day, Isys realized Prey's power that restrained him like shackles had disappeared, and soared out of the ground at once.
I'm going to end our fight once and for all. I'm going to absorb Prey and become whole.
But he couldn't find Prey anywhere on Tayberrs.

Instead, he found him somewhere else in the universe, and he knew he was getting close to him.
Because they were originally one, and because they were meant to be one.
Slowly, Isys unfolded his wings.
Soon, he would meet his other self.


Golden Wing Tritura

Golden Wing Tritura was the keeper of the Wind Trail that connected the east and west sides of Tayberrs.
He cleaved the air with his steel wings and annihilated his enemies with his powerful talons.
His luminous golden scales evoked admiration in those who were under his protection,
and fear in those who opposed him.

His valor struck terror into his enemies, bringing them to their knees.
Those who were under his protection sang his praises.
Tritura remained brave, even after Prey disappeared along with the black fragments.
He stood in front of everyone and looked around them with a fearless look in his eyes as he shouted,
"My talons will protect you until he returns!"

Suddenly, the wind blew, as if heralding impending doom.
Tritura instantly flew into the sky and glared at the direction that the wind was blowing.
"What a suspicious wind! It's time I step in."
Worried, everyone tried to stop him, but he was adamant.
But before he left, Tritura promised that he would return in ten days.

Ten days passed. He didn't return.
Another ten days passed.
Tritura, who flew up to the Wind Trail for everyone else, didn't return.
Now only some ominous energy was being radiated from the Wind Trail that he used to protect.


Star Guardian Zodiac

There was a being in the deepest part of the sky above Tayberrs.
He created constellations as he moved across the glowing golden sky, showing everyone under the sky where they should go.
Those who could fly flew along the paths created by his constellations. Those who could swim looked up the sky as they traveled by sea.
It was all thanks to this being that no one on Tayberrs had to worry about getting lost.
Everyone was grateful for this gentle, considerate guide, and they called him Zodiac, the Star Guardian.

But when it rained purple on Tayberrs and the sky became too dark to see, Zodiac disappeared.
And he didn't show up again after the purple rain stopped.
The constellations disappeared along with the glowing golden paths that they created together.
The sky and the seas started shaking violently.
People started getting lost, and some of them even lost their lives.
Everyone desperately looked for Zodiac, but he never appeared.
Tayberrs's order had collapsed.
Everyone stayed where they were, too afraid of going too far.

After a long time, Zodiac reappeared all of a sudden.
But he was no longer the gentle, kindhearted guardian he once was.
His corrupt energy darkened the sky that once glowed golden, and swallowed and tainted everything that it touched, making them drip with the same evil energy.
Tayberrs had spiraled into chaos that it never knew before, and Zodiac continued to create the dark constellations.
Not for everyone, but for only one being: Prey-Isys.



When she woke up from her long sleep, she flew into the sky of Tayberrs and stayed there.
She took up residence in the white clouds, looked for arid places, and blessed them with rain.
It was her blessing that kept the land of Tayberrs moist and fertile.
It was her blessing that made Tayberrs vibrant with life.
It was her blessing that gave life to everything on the planet.
Prey soared into the sky and thanked her in person.
Lupsong sang her praises.
Everyone showed their deep gratitude toward this ancient spirit that woke up from her long sleep to give them such a blessing.
She happily accepted their gratitude and promised eternal blessing.
A long time had passed. Tayberrs was a peaceful, prosperous golden planet.
Then, the day came when darkness swallowed everything.


Plunderer Rossol

Rossol didn't have feathers.
Instead, he had stiff, coarse hair, a flat beak, and sunken eyes.
He also smelled terrible, which kept everyone else away from him. He was always lonely.
Until Isys-Prey came along.

Because of Isys-Prey, he came out of hiding and became friends with everyone else.
But when the black fragments appeared in the sky and it rained purple, he didn't fly into the sky to find the vanished Isys-Prey.
Instead, he stayed inside a deep cave because his other senses that had evolved to make up for his poor sight told him something terrible was happening.
When he finally forced himself out of the cave, the black fragments were gone and the rest of the world was grieving.
Then, Rossol did something he shouldn't have. He stole tail feathers from Slenikron while he was unconscious from falling from a high place in the sky while looking for Isys-Prey.
Everyone became infuriated. Rossol chose his selfish desire over his loyalty toward his benefactor and admiration toward the friend, who made such a great sacrifice.
Slenikron's brother, Slenikon was so angry that he flew into the highest place in the sky, looking for Rossol.
Rossol stayed inside the Cave of the Night to avoid Slenikon, but kept Slenikron's feathers on his tail.
One day, two days, three days... A long time passed.
Rossol still stayed inside the Cave of the Night.
Then, suddenly he heard a whispering voice.

"You're innocent. Follow me."

Following this voice that sounded similar to Isys-Prey's, Rossol came out of the cave and into the world that had changed terribly.
His fur stood on end, reacting to the sinister energy that filled the air, but he wasn't afraid for the first time in his life.
Because the voice that was leading him said he didn't have to feel that way.


Omega Guardian

There was an ancient temple somewhere on the golden star, Tayberrs, that even Lupsong didn't know when it was built.
Its doors were always shut, and they never budged, even if someone tried to open them.
But on the day when Prey reached the highest place in the sky for the first time, the temple doors opened on their own as if in celebration.

The Omega Guardian walked out of the doors and welcomed Prey in person as he descended upon the ancient temple.
Afterward, the doors stayed open for a long time, with the Omega Guardian serving as temple guardian.
When Isys woke up and flew into the sky, his shadow covering all of Tayberrs beneath him, the ancient temple didn't congratulate him.

Having taken offense at this, Isys decided to punish the temple and soared into the sky.
The Omega Guardian closed the doors to the temple, and stood in front of them as Isys descended from the sky, with a distant look in his eyes as if he was remembering the day that he welcomed Prey.


Villainess Greta

Ahh... How can he be so amazing?
He must be the man of my dreams!
He's mine.
Mine alone.
I'll never let anyone else touch him.
From now on, he'll only exist for me!

One of Kashipa's labs in Nighttime Skyscraper was burned down to the ground.
The bodies of the researchers at the lab were found without the heads, and their research materials about demonology were burned with the rest of the lab.
The scythe that they stole from some demon also disappeared.
The investigators couldn't find out who did it or why.
The only thing that they had was the incoherent testimony of the only survivor.
"Greta... The demoness with the giant wings... Everyone's head... rolled on the ground..."


Aries Kelly

Young Kelly loved the stars.
To others, they were just the harbingers of impending doom, but to Kelly, they were something worth secretly watching all night, making sure her parents couldn't catch her.
She thought the stars would have everything.
She thought at least one of them had to be a happy world.
She wished she could go there one day.
She believed that on one star, she wouldn't have to be hungry or terrified all the time.
Her younger brother died of an illness. Her older brother was eaten by a monster.
Her mother left to find food and never came back. Her father died from terranite intoxication.
But Kelly wasn't sad because she believed that one day she could go to one of those stars and be happy.

Later, Kelly learned that she was talented in magic, so she started practicing it to survive.
It didn't take long before she distinguished herself and joined Kashipa.
Now she could eat anything she wanted, and she didn't have to fear anything.
But... she wasn't happy.

Kelly started wondering about the kind of happiness that she wanted as a child.
Does it even exist?
What if I just imagined it?
Was it just a fantasy?

Suddenly someone appeared and whispered something to her ear.
It brought a smile to her usually expressionless face.
She was happy.
And then, she disappeared.


Fighter Kugai

Kugai wasn't born a warrior.
He was so small and weak that he had a hard time even flying.
But he never gave up trying to fly high in the sky, and eventually his efforts paid off.
He became as strong a warrior as he'd always wanted. He was able to fly high in the sky, just like other great warriors.

But everything changed on the day he flew into the sky for Prey, who vanished after the emergence of the black fragments.
Instead of reaching the top of the sky like he wanted, he crashed onto the ground, and he was devastated.
There were many obstacles in his life, but he'd never felt so disappointed before.
Anger boiled up inside him, and then exploded out of him like heat.
He then disappeared.

When he reappeared, a long time had passed and he was no longer the strong, proud warrior who once stood shoulder to shoulder with other great warriors.
Now he was a ruthless fighter obsessed with a mysterious red energy that had made him crave power and live only to fight.


Heat Researcher Zadracon

Zadracon was the ruler of the farthest end of Tayberrs and a researcher of heat.
He was respected by everyone including Prey, who always asked for his permission to enter his territory.
Zadracon radiated a tremendous amount of heat.

The heat from his body spread across Tayberrs, keeping it warm and helping eggs hatch into new lives.
It was said if it weren't for him, Tayberrs would've been a cold uninhabitable planet.
This was proved by the winter that visited Tayberrs whenever he fell asleep.
His heat even evaporated the purple rain that fell from the sky above Tayberrs, keeping the polar land safe from its damage.
People flocked to his land from everywhere else, seeking refuge with him.
Zadracon released as much heat as he could to protect them.
It helped the refugees regain stability, but it caused him to fall asleep earlier than usual.

And while he was sleeping, a dark energy encroached upon his dreams.
When he woke up from his long sleep, his feathers blazed angrily and his fiery breath released corrupt energy.
Everyone cried in shock when they saw him.
The new Zadracon flew high into the sky, set the polar land ablaze with his corrupt energy,
and flew higher into the sky, following the voice that called him in his dreams, completely the devastation he left in his wake.


Moonbow Eike

Eike was always happy.
He loved prancing across the golden fields with his friends.
Everyone loved him as he loved everyone.
But then, the sky turned purple.
The great being that caressed him disappeared into the sky.
The golden fields that were his playground disappeared, and the pure spring water that quenched his thirst turned black.
Everyone who he loved was sad. So was he.
He was no longer happy in this new world.
Every day he was sad... until he wasn't.
The golden fields didn't return.
The spring water was still black.
But the great being that loved him so much had returned.
He may have looked and sounded different, but his touch felt the same.
Eike, his body darkened by his touch, shed dark tears in happiness.


Red Leg Arketo

He was a strong, brave warrior and a kind guardian of the Ancient Temple.
When the black fragments emerged, he was the first one to fly into the sky to protect his temple.
He was also the first one to fly into the sky and protect everyone when he heard that Prey hadn't returned.
So, naturally he was the first one to crash into the sharp icicles. He lost both of his wings, and fell to the ground.
When he came back to his senses, his dear Prey was gone. So were his strong wings.

He was devastated.
He would no longer be able to ride the wind.
He would no longer be able to help his hero, Prey.
He was helpless. He wouldn't be able to do anything anymore.
He just sat on the ground and looked up the sky, his heart completely broken.
"Stand up," said a familiar voice.
He looked around.
There was no one around him.
"Fly up again and follow me."
The voice sounded clearer now.
"You're made of the same strong stuff as I."
He knew something was wrong, but this voice wouldn't leave him alone.
Sensing the pressure that was closed in on him like a vice, he finally remembered to whom the voice belonged.

Red feathers fluttered and fell to the ground.
They shone and turned into a different color as they floated back up, wrapping around his shoulders as a cape.
Was it pain or rapture that showed on his face?
He flew back up into the sky.
He followed the voice to the black fragments that had emerged again.


Beast Srim

The S'vart Jungle was the biggest of all dark places on the planet, filled with rocky cliffs and tall trees.
Those who were afraid of light flocked here and lived among themselves.
In this dark place that no light could penetrate, their minds gradually became tainted by the darkness and the energy of sins that it attracted.
They started believing that they were of a different kind from the others who lived in light.
They decided to call themselves the S'varts, named after their land, and denied everyone who was not one of them, including Isys-Prey.

The S'varts evolved into ugly, grotesque-looking beings who smelled terrible and were covered with insects.
The rest of Tayberrs were afraid of these savage S'varts and steered clear of their jungle.
Srim was the most violent and ruthless of all S'varts.
He was so cruel and violent that everyone called him the Beast Born with Sins.
They were grateful that he kept himself in the jungle.
But when the dark energy enveloped Tayberrs, Srim walked out of the jungle.
He was afraid of light, but he couldn't resist the dark energy.
When he finally reached where the dark energy was, he lay prostrate for the first time in his life to serve his master.

"I... dedicate myself... to my master... Isys..."

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