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Mirror Arad: West Coast

Mirror Arad Event


Mirror Arad - West Coast: A world that has appeared once again due to the Dimesional Rupture.

Travel to the another world of Arad before the Great Metastasis!



Mirror Arad - West Coast

  • New Area [Mirror Arad - West Coast] will be added to the Underfoot Town.
  • The entry gate to Mirror Arad will be added to Underfoot Harbor. 
  • New dungeon will be added inside Mirror Arad area.
    - Mirror Arad consists of dungeons inside the Arad Contininent.
    - When you enter the dungeon in Mirror Arad, you will be taken into one of the many dungeons that existed before the Great Metastasis in the Arad Continent.
    - You can enter up to 10x a day and the entry count will reset at 09:00 (UTC) every day.
    - It can be entered by players Lv. 55 or above. Monster level will be adjusted based on the level of the character or the maximum leveled character of your party.
    - There is no difficulty selection in Mirror Arad dungeons.
  • You can use the quick party feature.
  • A party buff system will be added to Arad Continent dungeons.
    - If you enter the dungeon with 2 or more members, you will receive a special buff.
    - Party buff will differ based on the number of party members.
  • A mission system will be added to the Arad Continent.
    - Mission system will be given automatically upon playing the dungeon.
    - When you complete the mission inside the dungeon, you will automatically be given the reward at the time of completion.
  • Mirror Arad achievement quest will be added.
  • Dimensional Rupture channel will be added.
    - Party buff will be given when you play Mirror Arad in the Dimensional Rupture channel.


Main NPC


Annis Bainstai

Controls the gate to the other world.



Travels around the Arad Continent inside Mirror Arad in search of the fragments of Carloso.


Lorianne Cornaro

The only daughter of the Cornaro family.
She stays in the West Coast to avoid the suffocating life of a noble.
She is a very talented magician and has earned the highest honors in Magic School. However, she only uses her talents for fun. 



Chief of Bantus who is ready to do anything to ensure the survival of his clan. He was ordered by Bwanga to go to the West Coast to buy supplies necessary to rebuild the Bantu Clan. Mintai traveled with him.



A shaman who has received the prophecy of Kunilai. She travelled to the West Coast along with Orca to purchase pretty jewelry.



Admirer of Seria who resides in West Coast. He stays at West Coast to save up for travel expenses.


Loton Maximug

Born from Hendon Myre and a former Chairman of the Royal Alchemy Association.  He now spends his time in West Coast doing research and helping out adventurers using the Disassembler he invented.



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