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The Imperial Arena: Hard Mode

Imperial Arena - Hard Mode

  • Monsters are tougher than those on Normal mode and generate more rewards.


  • You can select Normal or Hard mode in the Imperial Arena Lobby UI.
    - If you buy an Imperial Arena Challenge Ticket (Daily), you can't change your mode until 9:00 a.m. the next day.


  • You will fight a total of 7 different monsters.
    - Every day 7 different monsters will appear in a random order.
    - Monsters will randomly get a weak attribute every day.
    - All the monsters that appear on the same day will get the same weak attribute (Physical or Magical Attack).
    - The further the round, the tougher the monsters.
    - Monsters on Imperial Arena Hard mode are set to Level 120, tougher than those on Normal mode.


  • You will receive a more powerful Imperial Glory buff on Hard mode.


  • Certain skills are modified on Hard mode.
    - The following skills' Character Defense/Survivability Bonus effects will be decreased, compared to Normal mode.
    ㄴ Nen Master (M): Tiger Flash: Nen Creature of Light
    ㄴ Nen Master (F): Sun's Breath and Tiger Flash: Nen Creature of Light
    ㄴ Mechanic (M/F): Camouflage
    ㄴ Summoner: Contract: Black Knight Sandor
    ㄴ Crusader (M): Sign of Protection, Heaven's Melody, and Apocalypse
    ㄴ Crusader (F): Guardian's Blessing, Light of Divinity, and Crux of Victoria

    - The following skills' HP Healing effect will be decreased.
    ㄴ Crusader (M): Holy Sanctuary
    ㄴ Crusader (F): Healing Prayer, Regenerative Aria, and Miracle Shine
    ㄴ Lightbringer: Divine Sanctuary


  • You can get more Glorious De Los Medals and Dark Side Tokens on Hard mode.
    - Your rewards are sent to your Mailbox at once, depending on the number of rounds you cleared.


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