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Fiend War : Battlefield


  • The battlefield consists of 3 sectors: Normal, Special, and Enemy.
  • Normal Sector: Area to which both characters and Fiends can move


Normal Sector: Area to which both characters and Fiends can move

Character's Movement

  • Every character in the Fiend War becomes an individual squad and can move freely between sectors.
  • When they move to an Enemy sector, they will form a party with other squads in the preceding sector.
  • Squads cannot enter the sectors in which a battle is already in progress.
  • Only up to 4 squads can enter each sector.


Advance Fiend Unit's Movement

  • Among the enemy units in the battlefield, the Advance Fiend Units move toward your Ally Base one cell at a time at regular intervals.
  • If you are fighting an Advance Fiend Unit and another Advance Fiend Unit enters the sector, you will instantly fail the current battle. The Advance Fiend Unit that you were fighting will then be reinforced.
  • If you fail a battle with an Advance Fiend Unit (defeat/retreat/time over), then the Advance Fiend Unit will immediately move to the next cell.
  • If you are fighting Neutral monsters and an Advance Fiend Unit enters the sector, you will stop fighting the Neutral monsters and start fighting the Advance Fiend Unit instead.


Neutral Monsters

  • These monsters have existed since before the War broke out. They fight Fiends or players, whoever enters their sector first.


Special Sector: A strategic point.

Occupy the radar (Sector 6) and the turret (Sector 23) in the map to get beneficial effects.


Radar (Sector 6)

  • Increases all the characters' Skill damage and reveals the monster portraits hidden under the Status Board.


Turret (Sector 23)

  • Decreases all the monsters' Def. and temporarily halts the movement and creation of Advance Fiend Units.
  • Enemy Sector: An important base built to invade Arad


Enemy Sector: An important base built to invade Arad

Outposts (Sectors 7, 15, and 24)

  • Periodically generate Advance Fiend Units until occupied.
  • Occupy the Radar to check the time remaining until the generation of the next Advance Fiend Unit.
  • If you occupy these Outposts, and let Advance Fiend Units enter them, then they will be taken over by the Fiends and resume generating Advance Fiend Units.


Logistics Bases (Sectors 10, 17, and 27)

  • Generate Advance Fiend Units that move toward the Outposts in the same line as them when an Outpost is occupied.
  • Occupy all the Logistics Bases to enter The Gate.
  • Occupied Logistics Bases are regenerated after a while.


The Gate (Boss Map)

  • Occupy all the Logistics Bases, and the Gate will be opened for a while.
  • The Gate is divided into 2 maps, the Black and White Universes.
  • These Universes must be attacked at the same time.
  • Defeat both Rosens of the Black/White Universes and close the Gate. The Fiend War will then be cleared.
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