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Fiend War : Contents


Entry Rules

  • Characters at Level 95 or above can enter.
  • Each character can clear this mode once a day or twice a week on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  • Their Daily Entry count will be reset daily at 9:00 UTC
  • Their Weekly Entry count will be reset on Tuesdays at 9:00 UTC
  • You can enter this mode through the Fiend War channel after completing the [Fiend War] To the Front quest.
  • This quest appears after you reach Level 95 and complete all the new Epic quests.
  • You can create a Raid Group through NPC Masked Knight in the Final Defense Line area in the Fiend War channel.
  • You can start the Fiend War through the Empyrean Supporter NPC in the Ally Base area after creating/joining a Raid Group.


Entry Materials

  • The Special Energy Concealer item is required.
  • Special Energy Concealer Boxes are available for purchase at the Raid Shop > Fiend War tab.
  • Each character can buy and use 1 Special Energy Concealer Box a day.
  • The Entry materials are consumed at the beginning of the Fiend War.


Fiend War Basic Rules


  • Up to 8 characters can play this mode at the same time.


Time Limit

  • A total of 60 minutes
  • You will fail the Fiend War when the time limit elapses, and receive a Reentry Ticket in your Mailbox.
  • Each battle has its own time limit.
  • You will receive a Failure penalty every time this time limit elapses.


Party Formation

  • Each character in the Raid Group form a squad.
  • Up to 4 squads can enter each battlefield.
  • A 4-squad unit will be formed at the beginning of each battle.
  • For more details, please refer to the Battlefield Description page.



  • At least 5,382 Exorcism is required.
  • Resurrection-related character skills are restricted from use.
  • Mage (M), Crusader (F), and Knight
  • Only the exclusive Fiend War Consumables can be used in the Fiend War.
  • These Consumables are purchasable through the Empyrean Supporter and Orc Sage NPCs.
  • You can only use a certain number of Life Tokens in each battle, and this number is shared among your unit (party).
  • If the 60-minute time limit elapses or enemies invade the Ally Base, you will fail and receive a Reentry Ticket in your Mailbox.
  • If you lose a battle, retreat from it, let the monster unit advance, or the time limit elapses, then you will be moved to the starting area and receive a Resurrection penalty, which will keep you in that map for a set amount of time.
Failure Count Penalty Time
1 20 sec.
2 30 sec.
3 50 sec.
4 80 sec.
5 120 sec.
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