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Fiend War : Monsters


  • The following monsters randomly spawn when you move to a Neutral Monster, Advance Fiend Unit, Outpost, or Logistics Base cell.
  • Occupy the Radar to check the monsters on a cell before you move.
Type Location Monster
Boss Monster The Gate Cosmo Fiend: Rosen
Logistics Base Light Euclid
Dark Axion
Gravity Vice
Outpost Human Betrayer: Finver
Universe Pulverizer: Crusher
Turret Plant Ivy
Radar Magnetic Magnes
Magnetic Polus
Named Monster Advance Fiend Unit Superalloy Alligare
Succubus Princess
Bombing Buster MK
Fusion-type Fiend
Neutral Monster Orc Captain: Blood Axe
Bandit Leader Orcdarin


Boss Monster

Boss Monster Description

The Gate (Black/White Universe)
[Cosmo Fiend: Rosen]

The most powerful Cosmofiend.
Rosen roams his universe looking for powerful opponents.
He uses the force of the planets in his universe and is split into two halves.

Logistics Base
[Light Euclid]

A Cosmo Fiend capable of the power of light.
She and Dark Axion are sworn sister and brother.
Moves at lightning speed and uses the power of light to reflect enemy attacks or disintegrate them into energy.

Logistics Base
[Dark Axion]

A Cosmo Fiend capable of the power of darkness.
He and Light Euclid are sworn brother and sister.
A monster that roams around the multiverse, desiring a shape and form of its own.

Logistics Base
[Gravity Vice]

A Cosmo Fiend capable of the power of gravity.
He's always confident, and prefers fighting physically over using his power.
Armed with massive gauntlets that alter gravity every time they clash together.
Periodically changes the direction of gravity around himself.

[Human Betrayer: Finver]

A Demonic Lancer who pursues power and has gotten what he wanted through the power of the Fiends.
Armed with the Fiend Venator set.


A monstrous pet cat of the Cosmo Fiends.
It lives in a cube, and it's capable of traveling across spacetime within limitations.

[Universe Pulverizer: Crusher]

Some sort of mana device that pulverizes nearby obstacles and garbage.

[Plant Ivy]

A Fiend who's undergone mutation/synthesis with the plants in Arad upon arrival.
Commands plants and guards the turret.

[Magnetic Magnes/Polus]

Fiend brothers who can control electricity and magnetism.
Guards the Radar Base.


Named Monsters

Named Monster Description

Advance Fiend Unit
[Superalloy Alligare]

A Fiend whose body is nigh-impenetrable.
Has a low chance of appearing, unlike the normal Fiends.

Advance Fiend Unit
[Bombing Buster MK]

A machine that had wandered in space and accidentally landed on a Cosmofiend spaceship.

Advance Fiend Unit
[Fusion-type Fiend]

A new-type Fiend consisting of multiple Fiends of different types.

Advance Fiend Unit
[Succubus Princess]

A superior Succubus.
She hates the Aradians.


Neutral Monster

Named Monster Description

Advance Fiend Unit
[Orc Captain: Blood Axe]

The captain of the indigenous orcs.
They were fighting the humans who took away their land until the Fiends arrived to join the fray.
Blood Axe defeated one of the Fiends and carved his axe out of its remains.

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