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DFO Content Creator - Season 3


Dec 07, 2021 (UTC)

Greetings, DFO Adventurers!
A new season of Content Creator has now begun!
We would like to thank all your support for Season 2 by having more creators for Season 3.
Share your dazzling ideas, creations, and knowledge through streams, videos, writing, and fan art to light up our community!



■ Basic Info.

Schedule Topic
Application Period : DEC 7 2021 - DEC 21 2021 UTC
Content Creator Announcement : JAN 1, 2022 UTC
Any content related to Dungeon Fighter Online.



■ Qualifications

Applications may be submitted by accounts that have a main character over Lv.100. (Once per account)
Detailed applicant qualifications for each field are as follows.

Field Qualifications

Should stream at least twice a week for a minimum total of 5 hours per week.
Must be a user who is passionate about and plays DFO regularly.

Video Creator Should upload videos to reach a total of 20 minutes of video time per month.
Must be a user who is passionate about and plays DFO regularly.
DFO Caster / Blogger Should upload informative DFO-related posts to the DFO Reddit Community.
Requires a high degree of knowledge regarding all DFO content.
* Required monthly activity will depend on the Creator's type of work.
Art Creator Should upload an illustration to DFO Reddit Community 2 times a month
or should upload a cartoon to DFO Reddit Community 3 times a month.
Requires a high level of understanding regarding DFO and internet subculture.


■ Partner Guidelines

Detailed information about our Partner Guidelines can be found here.



■ Activity Period

The Content Creator Partner Program will last for a year and will be renewed on an annual basis.



■ Field of Recruitment

Field Platform Number of Creators
Streamer Twitch / Youtube 3
Video Creator Youtube 2
DFO Caster / Blogger DFO Reddit 2
Art Creator DFO Reddit 2



■ How to Apply

From DEC 7 - DEC 21, we are recruiting our official DFO Content Creators!
Please fill out the following application and send it to before DEC 21, 2021 UTC.
We will carefully review each application and announce our Content Creators on JAN 1, 2022 UTC.

IGN Your Character Name
Registered Email -
Reason for Application -
Discord ID -
SNS Link Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
Attachment Twitch or Youtube Link / Youtube Link / Post sample / Art sample



■ Content Creator Rewards

Share your content with DFO adventurers and get special rewards!
Rewards will be given on the second maintenance of every month for 6 months.
The DFO Content Creator title will be given only once.

100 Skeleton Keys 50 Kaleido Boxes 10 Guide of Wisdom Tickets
Neo Premium Contract(Plus): 30 days DFO Content Creator Title The latest Avatar package

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