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Twitch Drops Event Stream Schedule (July)


Jul 12, 2022 (UTC)

Welcome to level 110! We're back with another Twitch Drops event to celebrate the new updates! 

Link your Twitch and DFO account, and watch DFO streams of the channels below to receive special Drops rewards!


Twitch Drops Event Period

July 12 (After Maintenance)  ~  Aug 9 (Before Maintenance)


Twitch Drops Event Stream Schedule (PST/PDT)

The official DFO channel, Content Creator channels, as well as other Twitch influencers will be joining in the Twitch Drops event!


Official DFO Channel

DFO Twitch Channel


Content Creators

  Creator 7/12 - 7/17 7/18 - 7/24 7/25 - 7/31 8/1 - 8/9
  BenAuton 6 PM - 9 PM (Friday, Saturday)
  Sungahime -

7/24 : 9 AM - 1 PM

7/25 : 4PM - 7PM
7/26 : 4PM - 7PM
7/27 : 9AM - 12PM
8/2 : 4PM - 7PM
8/3 : 4PM - 7PM
8/6 : 9AM - 1PM
8/7 : 9AM - 1PM
8/8 : 4PM - 7PM
  Synchroneity 5 PM - 11 PM (Sundays through Thursdays)
  Medrathis 12 PM - 6 PM (Fridays through Mondays)
  AmirGM 7/12 - 7/13 : 8AM - 8AM
(Special 24HR Stream!)
7/14 : 7AM - 3PM
7/15 - 7/17 : 12PM - 8PM
7/19 - 7/21 : 7AM - 3PM
7/22 - 7/24 : 12PM - 8PM
7/26 - 7/28 : 7AM - 3PM
7/29 - 7/31 : 12PM - 8PM
8/2 - 8/4 : 7AM - 3PM
8/5 - 8/7 : 12PM - 8PM
8/9 : 7AM - 3PM
  NovaTheLust 1 AM - 4 AM (Friday, Saturday)

* The official DFO Content Creators may also host additional streams than listed above, so make sure you follow their channel!


Twitch Drops Rewards

Time Icon Reward Description Type
1 Golden Tiger Champion Avatar Set Box

Contains a Golden Tiger Champion Mask/Cape/Belt Avatar.
Golden Tiger Champion Mask/Cape/Belt Avatar can each be equipped as Hat, Torso, and Waist parts.

Avatars are given as untradable, and cannot be dyed or sundered.

3 Black Tiger Creature Box

Contains the SD Black Tiger Creature.

Creature is given as untradable and permanent

5 Black Tiger Damage Font

Adds to your damage font list.
(Damage Font is bound to the character you use it on.)

Used damage fonts can be selected in the Skin Cargo - Damage Font.

This font is unlimited once added to your Skin Cargo.

7 Black Tiger Champion Avatar Set

Contains a Black Tiger Champion Mask/Cape/Belt Avatar.

Black Tiger Champion Mask/Cape/Belt Avatar can each be equipped as Hat, Torso, and Waist parts.

Avatars are given as untradable, and cannot be dyed or sundered

9 Black Tiger Legendary Card

Card upgrade material.Has the same change to succeed as regular legendary cards when used as upgrade material. 
Can only be used by up to Legendary grade Cards.

  • All reward boxes will expire on AUG 23 09:00 UTC if unused.
  • You can preview the event rewards at the Drops event page DFO Drops Event.



Please Note

  • Please claim and send the rewards to your account before the maintenance on AUG 9.
  • You must claim your drop reward from both the Twitch Inventory page
    as well as the DFO Drops Event page.
  • All unclaimed and unsent rewards will be lost and cannot be restored.
  • All rewards boxes will expire on AUG 23 09:00 UTC if unused.


    For any additional questions and details regarding how to link your account, please check the Twitch Drops FAQ Notice.

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