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Seria's Special Shop OCT 24, 2023


Oct 23, 2023 (UTC)

Greetings Adventurers,


As announced in the October Director's Notes, the following items will be added to Seria's Special Shop.



▣ Sales Period

  • After maintenance on OCT 24, UTC - Before maintenance on NOV 21, UTC.



▣ Seria Special Shop Sales Items

Item Description Price Purchase Limit Trade Type

Item Option Complete Growth Ticket

Can be used to grow equipment Option Levels.

Option Levels can be increased without using Golden Beryl, Power Essence, and Gold. Can only be used for Complete Growth.

'Growth Option', 'Growth/Transfer Option', equipment that is the same as the main equipment or is tradable/sealable cannot be used as option growth material.

Item will be deleted at 09:00, NOV 21 2023 UTC.

10 Gold 20 per Account Account-bound

Warped Dimension Cube

The dimensional power contained within this cube can be used to change Epic Equipment options.

Used to change Lv. 105 'Growth/Transfer Option' Equipment options.
- Changes all the 4 options at once.
- Option levels not affected.
- Can be used up to 20 times per equipment.
- 1 Warped Dimension Cube required per change.
- Can't be used on equipment with transferred options.

Target Equipment
- Ent Spirit
- Blue Beryl
- Forest Witch
- Deep Diver

Item will be deleted at 09:00, NOV 21, 2023 UTC.

10 Gold 10 per Account



▣ Seria Special Shop Location

  • The Seria Special Shop can be found by clicking NPC Seria in Seria's Room.



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