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[Update] VIP Premium Contract


Dec 03, 2019 (UTC)

Introducing new contract for all prestige loving VIPs. VIP Premium Contract!
Sign our VIP Premium Contract to get even better benefits along with Neo Premium Contract+!


VIP Premium Contract Plus
7 Days
400 CERA
14 Days
770 CERA
Benefit 1. Demon Invitation Discount
Benefit 2. Additional Bonus Card in Special Dungeons and Raid



VIP Premium Benefits Detail
Available under Premium tab in Item Shop! Get yours signed today!


[Benefit 1] Demon Invitation Discount
Demon Invitation required for Hell Mode is discounted up to 10%!



[Benefit 2] Additional Bonus Card in Special Dungeons and Raid

■ Special Dungeons ■

Interdimensional Rift
Difficulty - 1
Interdimensional Rift
Difficulty - 2
Interdimensional Rift
Difficulty - 3
Ruined Sanctuary
x 14 x 14   /    x 3 x 14   /    x 5 x 3
Normal Luke Beast - King Beast - Slayer Beast - Beast
x 2 x 1 x 2 x 3
Dawning Crevice Assault Mode Assault Mode - Hidden Tayberrs
x 32 x 12 x 40 x 37
Tayberrs - Solo Tayberrs - Guide Anton Subjugation Operation: Hope
x 30 x 23 x 22 x 4


■ Raid ■

Raid: Luke - Solo Raid: Luke Raid: Fiend War Raid: Fiend War - Guide
x 8~10 x 10~14 x 2~3 x 1
Raid: Prey-Isys Prey-Isys Guide    
x 2~4 x 1~3    



[Benefit 3] +40% Town Movement Speed Buff in Raid Channels



# Please Note:
- VIP Premium benefits may change with future game contents updates.
- Town Movement Speed buff fixes your character’s Town Movement Speed to +40%.
- If your character’s Town Movement Speed modifier exceeds +40%, then the buff will not be applied.


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