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  • OVER 60
    ACROSS 16

  • With so many characters and advancement classes
    to choose from, you will find a character
    that perfectly suits your playstyle!

  • SLAYER [M]
    NEO: Blade Master
    “With each strike, my sword paints the vast sky red..
      Perhaps this will be my masterpiece.”
  • SLAYER [M]
    NEO: Soul Bender
    “Whether the chains of fate can be broken.
      It all depends on your will.”
  • SLAYER [M]
    NEO: Berserker
    “I will do anything for more power..
      Even if it means selling my soul.”
  • SLAYER [M]
    NEO: Asura
    “I see with my entire body.
      So no matter where you attack me, I will know you’re coming.”
  • SLAYER [M]
    NEO: Ghostblade
    “A Slayer who, by bonding with a vengeful spirit,
    now tiptoes on a delicate line between the living and the dead.”

  • SLAYER [F]
    NEO: Sword Master
    “An arcane swordswoman adept in the art of fusing magic and steel.”
  • SLAYER [F]
    NEO: Dark Templar
    “An arcane knight who bows only to Usir,
    the God of Death.”
  • SLAYER [F]
    NEO: Demon Slayer
    “A demonic sword wielder who revels in utilizing the power of the Majin.”
  • SLAYER [F]
    NEO: Vagabond
    “An arcane swordswoman desperately suppressing the power of metastasis energy in order to focus on training her spirit.”
  • SLAYER [F]
    NEO: Spectre
    “A swordswoman who utilizes the secret art of sword-sheathing techniques.”

  • GUNNER [M]
    Neo: Ranger
    “A lone survivor from Lawless District who has fancy kick moves and revolver skills.”
  • GUNNER [M]
    Neo: Launcher
    “A bombardier who can provide massive fire support on wide area, through utilizing heavy fire arms.”
  • GUNNER [M]
    Neo: Mechanic
    “A technician who build robots and machineries for battle support.”
  • GUNNER [M]
    Neo: Spitfire
    “A tactician who handles ammunitions and grenades professionally and backups the battle with calling snipers.”
  • GUNNER [M]
    Neo: Blitz
    “A Gunner that utilizes his augmented body and weapons in his attacks.”



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