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The 4th DFO Fanart Contest - Winner Announcement


Sep 10, 2019 (UTC)

Greetings, adventurers!

We are glad to announce the winners of the 4th DFO Fanart Contest!
Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to every one who participated in the event!


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[Grand Prize] Loli Sader / IGN: Nagisa (Cain)


[Excellence Reward]

Enchantress's new friends
MelonChan (Cain)
It's Showtime, Madd!
Gespaha (Cain)
under the brilliant moon



To. Yuzumori> Jerry liked it so much that he wanted to make it into a poster and hang it on a wall! :)
Chibi Enchantress (◕▿◕✿)✲゚*:₀。
Xerii (Cain)
Enchantress and Ghostblade
Matsukawa (Cain)
Enchantress stuff
Eremas (Cain)
Voodoo with friends
MrDadGuy (Cain)
Silly Rabbit Doll~ <3
Ziink (Cain)
Tragic Roses
Virabadhra (Cain)
Sunny Adventure
GoatOnAtree (Cain)



Title IGN
Verisimilitude Paratrooper
How cute, you're my dolls now! Yaseri
Marionette start!<3 Sooraka
Rakshasa the ghostslayer Mendelevio
Her Favorite Action Figure RunningWild
Confrontation CraigAndrson
Apparitions xD0odman
Enchantress Doll Madoha
Echantress Alicel
Queen of Hearts Linty
Phantom Cross Corneille
Enchantress fanart submission Sekishu
adult gothic loli enchantress ExZariell
Black Maiden with her dolls lliiliiiilll
Can you feel my love? MADOMADO
ming yue nushen Xiaohue44
(・ิ㉨・ิ)(・ิ㉨・ิ)(・ิ㉨・ิ) NikuCutter
The better witch WitchAleisha
My favorite toys PearlSakura
Who the hell do you think i am LaserCat


▣ To the Winners of the Contest

* All winners will need to send us the information below to to receive their prizes.
This information must be given to us before SEP 18, 2019. If you do not submit your information within the given timeframe, you will not receive your rewards!

IGN used when registering the Fanart  
URL of your Fanart Post  
Original work or the production process  


▣ To Grand Prize, Excellence Reward Winners

* The Grand Prize or Excellence Reward winners must send the following information to us to receive their offline merchandise.
This information will be used for shipping purposes only.

Shipping Address  
Recipient's Real Name  
Recipient's Contact Information  


▣ In-game Reward Distribution Date

Ghostblade/Enchantress Petit Friends Creature and Awakened Ones Avatars will be given on SEP 24 maintenance.
* If you do not submit your information within the given timeframe, you will not receive your in-game rewards! Please send it before the deadline.


- Dungeon Fighter Online Support Team


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