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Community Abbreviations


Abbreviation Description Example
B Refers to Buy B> Kazan Card (Max) 25m
WTB Refers to Want to Buy WTB> plat emblem [Activation]
S Refers to Sell S> Neo: Awakened Package
WTS Refers to Want to Sell WTS> Knight Rare Ava Hair and Shoes PMO
T Refers to Trade T> Lancer Lv 45 Weapon Avatar (+25 Int x2) for Lv 75/80 Weapon Avatar
WTT Refers to Want to Trade WTT» LV 80 Title  water 6. Trade to light 6
PM Refers to Private Message Buy Rare Avatar Full Set Priest M (1 2 3 4 Gen. Any Type ) PM
PMO Refers to Private Message Offer S> God of Chaos - Ozma Card 0/2 (2X) PMO
OBO Refers to Or Best Offer S> 50m Leg Bead OBO
/ea Refers to each S>7M/ea



Abbreviation Description Example
LF Refers to Looking For
Mainly used when recruting a party member
"Lab M LF Sader Duo"
DPS Refers to Damage Per Second
Also refers to the Damage Dealer
"i made a party with title LF DPS to find ppl"
Sader Refers to Buffer Character
(Male Crusader, Female Crusader, Enchantress)
"LF Sader"
MSader Refers to Male Crusader "amps are going to my Msader first"
DI Refers to Divine Invocation
(Main buff skill of Male Crusader)
B> DI plat Pm
apoc Refers to apocalypse
(1st awakening skill of Male Crusader)
"40s is apoc timer"
FSader Refers to Female Crusader "my F. sader hits 34k"
VB Refers to Valor Blessing
(Main buff skill of Female Crusader)
"I'm 40k on my vb"
crux Refers to Crux of Victoria
(1st Awakening skill of Female Crusader)
"i dont have MP to cast crux"
FC Refers to Forbidden Curse
(Main buff skill of Enchantress)
"DI, FC, and VB"
mario Refers to Marionette
(1st awakening skill of Enchantress)
"crux/apoc/mario dmg steroid"
Leg Refers to Legendary
(Item rarity)
S> Leg top 30 bleed Dmg
BIS Refers to Best in Slot "What's a bis sader wep?"
Maint Refers to Maintenance "no maint today right?"
CC Refers to Clear Cube Fragment,
also refers to Content Creator
"need more cc for cyber speeder setup test"
CA Refers to Community Advisor "good to know ~ thanks Cas"
Refers to Daily / Weekly Contents
eg. Daily : Daily Mission / Weekly : Raid Content
"I'll be running alot of dailies and weeklies."
PMI Refers to Physical / Magical / Independent S> ozma sub pmi bead
CD Refers to Cooldown "Is there a skill that has no cd?"
CDR Refers to Cooldown Reduction "Cdr is technically a strong indicator"
DV Refers to Damage Value "Siv's sub equipment bead has 3% dv and 12 ele"
RNG Refers to Random Number Generator
(Randomness by a random number generator)
"I think custom epic is rng"
Ele Refers to Elemental Damage "just need to find another ele line"
Ele res,
All res
Refers to Elemental Resistance or All Elemental Resistance "just get gold ele res emblems"
NC Refers to Nobless Code
(Lv.110 Advanced Dungeon)
"my alt was done in 2 days of nc"
DCD Refers to Destroyed Castle of the Dead
(Lv.110 Advanced Dungeon)
"Time to run 10x dcd master"
Refers to The Meister's Laboratory
(Lv.110 Advanced Dungeon)
"DCD is in Zelva and ML is in Namelos"
Feed Refers to Standard Growth
(Option Fusion - Standard Growth)
"ent shoes are just feed right?"
Full Feed Refers to Complete Growth
(Option Fusion - Complete Growth)
"even without full feed this is 100 fame"
Tali Refers to Talisman
(Skill Customizing System)
"i swapped to healing wind tali"
Cores Refers to Ryan Cores "You can trade Cores for ref material"
NCCF Refers to Equipment Build not using Clear Cube Fragment "I went all in on NCCF nen"
Awake Refers to awakening
(Character Advancement)
"how I can awake on lvl 50?"
1a/2a/3a Refers to 1st / 2nd / 3rd Awakening "skill attack % adds to 1a 2a and 3a?"
Manual Refers to cast a skill by using command "I havent found any good manual shoulders"
Culm wep
Refers to Culmination Weapon
(Lv.110 Weapon)
"I think aspect > culm overall"
Plat Refers to Platinum Emblem B> Usir curse plat x1 15m
Tact Refers to Tactician's Contract "Might actual run out of tact"
FP Refers to Fatigue Points "used fp for dailies/storm path"
PP Refers to Play Points "We get PP from daily missions now"
Rein Refers to Reinforcement "Did you see the fame changes for rein/amp/ref?"
Amp Refers to Amplification
Ref Refers to Refinement
Safe Rein,
Safe Amp
Refers to Safe Reinforcement / Safe Amplification "safe rein / amp does help a lot"
Buff Swap Refers to Buff Enhancement S> fspit buff swap ava top + bottom 115m
Enchant Refers to Enchanting "stark enchant has some decent stats"
Refers to deal damage over time "if you reduce cd, you get more constant and burst"
Burst Refers to deal damage at once
Warlords Refers to Warlord's Cry Potion "i only use warlords in party"
Pots Refers to Potion "usually just warlord pot and undilited STR"
FW Refers to Fiend War
(Raid Content)
"any news about the update of fw ticket materials?"
Refers to Pandemonium War "pwar challenge, exile, occulus"
Occ Refers to The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection "4 occ leg fodder drops in 1 day of the same week"
Refers to The Exile Mountains "anyone on who can help me do exile?"



Character Advancement Abbreviation
Male Slayer Weapon Master WM
Soul Bender SB
Berserker Zerk
Asura, Indra Sura
Ghostblade Gb
Female Slayer Sword Master SM
Demon Slayer DS
Vagabond Vaga
Dark Templar DT
Spectre -
Male Gunner Ranger M.Ranger
Launcher M.Launcher
Mechanic M.Mech
Spitfire M.Spit
Blitz -
Female Gunner Ranger F.Ranger
Launcher F.Launcher
Mechanic F.Mech
Spitfire F.Spit
Male Fighter Nen Master M.Nen
Striker M.Strike
Brawler M.Brawl
Grappler M.Grap
Female Fighter Nen Master F.Nen
Striker F.Strike
Brawler F.Brawl
Grappler F.Grap
Male Mage Elemental Bomber EB
Glacial Master GM
Blood Mage -
Swift Master Swift
Dimension Walker DM
Female Mage Elementalist Ele
Summoner Summy
Battle Mage BM
Witch -
Enchantress Ench
Male Priest Crusader Msader
Monk -
Exorcist Exo
Avenger -
Female Priest Crusader Fsader
Inquisitor Inquis
Shaman -
Mistress -
Thief Rogue -
Necromancer Necro
Kunoichi Kuno
Shadow Dancer SD
Knight Elven Knight EK
Chaos -
Lightbringer Savior
Dragon Knight Drk
Demonic Lancer Vanguard Van
Skirmisher Skirm
Dragoon Drg
Impaler DL
Agent Hitman -
Secret Agent SA
Troubleshooter TS
Specialist Spec
Side Story Character Dark Knight DK
Creator -


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