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The boy was infected by Kazan's syndrome and banished from his town after being disowned by his parents. He wanders around and is captured by the Imperial Guards.

The princess stimulates the boy’s mind and accelerates the infection driving the boy into insanity.

The boy is selected as a test subject for the Transfer Test and is sent to Vilmark. Other test subjects, the guards, and even Iris fears the repulsive boy in the final stages of his infection.

The Transfer Test fails and the boy accidentally slips into the Time Gate and goes through many trials. He is freed from the Kazan infection.

The boy wanders around the Time Gate and meets an adventurer in a similar situation as him.

The boy, now a Dark Knight, sees the end of time. He sacrifices most of the power he has gained in the Time Gate to return to Arad in an attempt to prevent the horrible future he witnessed.

Dark Knight

A swordsman who's transcended his limits by traveling to the other side of the Time Gate.

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